Launch of the new International Christian Fellowship Marbella –

Dear Members of Costa Women,  All are welcome to join and celebrate with us!On Sunday 29th September at 11:00 A.M.For THE NEW LAUNCH OF International Christian Fellowship Marbella (ICFM) Sunday 29th September 2019 marks the launch of International Christian Fellowship (ICF) Marbella.  ICF Marbella is the birth right of pastor and visionary Yvonne Vidal; a woman whose …

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What To Do With Fear?

Fear of making a mistake has sometimes almost paralyzed me, how about you? The other day, a small daily event connected me with a bigger pattern in life.  I had cleaned my computer’s cookies and cache, so I needed to enter my password again to access my emails. I typed in the password and got …

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Choose to Shine

Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling inspired and excited to start creating a new chapter in your book of life! This is a wonderful moment to take the time for reflection and setting intentions. You might feel you were meant for something bigger than ever before, even if you can’t put your finger …

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