It’s Great To Be A Costa Woman!!


What a great finish to the year at our Breakfast Meeting today!   We all shared our goals for next year with plenty of fun and laughter and support from everyone.This is what our meetings are all about and indeed what Costa Women is all about! I am so grateful to Ali Meehan for giving us all this opportunity to bring so many amazing women together!

It’s wonderful to see so many people making new friends, swoping ideas, doing projects together and leaving the meeting on a ‘high’ and feeling part of something special. This group is mainly aimed at ‘Women in Business’ but it’s open to anyone who would like to get involved. Many women are on their own and our meetings are designed to embrace everyone to help them feel empowered and supported whatever they do.

It’s more than just a Networking Group, it’s a sharing group who all want to add value to each other and there’s a real sense of caring for each other. This is very unusual in business and in life!!

As a result of this I’m also forming a Coaching for Success Group to give extra support to help further personal as well as business development. More info on this soon. So lots of positives for this year and plenty of exciting things for 2014!!

If you’d like to join us to kick off the New Year with a bang, make new friends, have fun and get involved put January 7th in your diary now!! All the details are on the Events page. 

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have made our Breakfast Meetings so special!

I send Much Love to All Costa Women, have a Very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year

Joy xx 

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