It’s never too late for a new start!

The last two years I’ve learnt a lot on my journey of self development! One of the most important lessons is that it’s never too late for a new start! I read a story of an 80 year old woman who decided to start a ministry! Also KFC started when colonel sanders was 65!! I also heard a great saying, don’t look at the years you’ve lost, look at the years you have left! It can be so distracting to start a new chapter if you are constantly thinking well I’ve wasted so much time already, why bother now! Because we only live once that’s why!

My boyfriend owns the Real Estate South Spain Properties, often I’ve watched him selling and he’s always said you could do this because you’ve learnt so much from my conversations! I always got excited at the prospect of doing it but always said no I’ve never done sales, I’m no good at it! I also was afraid to take a chance and risk failure! Well did you know the guy who made the dyson Hoover made 5127 prototypes before getting it right! I’ve wasted many years not doing things out of fear and anxiety! The problem was the more I didn’t do things , the harder it became. A lot of times I didn’t even want to leave the house for fear of having to talk to someone and not having the right thing to say! 99%of the terrible stuff we think might happen, never does! We can easily think the worst of a situation and find it hard to think the best case scenario! I think social media is making it worse with its fake posts that make us feel like we have to have the perfect lifestyle, be millionaires and make money sat on our bum on Instagram all day!

We can’t change unless we really want it! That’s why I got sick of life passing by, feeling like I had no purpose and had to make a change! So the last 2 years has been a journey of building confidence, self esteem and writing books about all I’ve learnt! I did my first beauty pageant in 2018, pushing myself right out of my comfort zone (nothing builds confidence than being judged for how you walk on stage in a bikini)! Since I knew I needed confidence to pull this off, I attended my first Costa Women event solo (before I’d make a friend go with me). It was the Marbella central meeting and I’ve been going ever since, meeting new people and making new friends!

I then went from staying home most days to aiming to make it to the office 5 days a week, then from sitting in a corner to working on reception greeting customers. To now feeling too comfortable and needing more of a challenge (they say if you stick in your comfort zone you are not growing) So finally I am as the book says feeling the fear and do it anyway, I am taking on the role of a proper Real Estate Agent! So business cards are ordered, I am learning as much as I can and the only way to go is forward!

So this is my new start and I hope to get to even more events in the future to help me on my journey! If I can go from not wanting to leave the house to selling houses, then you can achieve anything you set your mind to! It’s never too late for a new start!

With that being said please keep me in mind if you are looking for a property in Marbella. Our website is , if you look on google we have plenty of 5* reviews from happy customers!

Also if you are interested to see what books I have available go to

I hope this inspires you to chase goals and not let fear stand in your way! See you soon Emma