Let’s Play and Remember…

Let’s Play and Remember…


I feel IAM READY to give birth to my grand dream and fully experience living on NewEarth… AND then I feel more trauma in my body, as aspects/old roles come in… to integrate, releasing themselves from their service to join me in this now moment and celebrate Embodied Realisation.


I know how essential it is to stay close to my feelings of excitement as the Master and Creator IAM, journeying through unknown territory, keeping my vibration high. Sometimes the excitement is just not there, when I focus too much on my physical body! So I’ve been intentionally remembering how excited I felt as I gained insights into truths along my Awakening journey, and a most passionate excitement as I weaved together and published my love story, quite magically; to remember for myself and share with the world the potential, the magic of the unknown that I’d tapped into. I remembered wanting nothing more than to shout out loud my excitement from the roof top and across the seas.


I imagined everyone would be as excited to hear the magical news! Of how there was more to life other than the limitation and enslavement we have believed and followed blindly. I thought everyone would be excited to hear there was no need for more suffering and feelings of hopelessness.


Excited to be in the presence of unity, cooperation and experience the essence of joy, love and peace flowing through the body/mind, to grow old gracefully, even to rejuvenate if one desired, to know everything in each moment that was needed… nothing more or less!


Excited to play and have fun and laugh with everyone. Serving each other in a community, using unique talents to create what was desired to experience. Excited for each person to be responsible for themselves and respect for each other. Excited to experience beautiful weather, enjoy clean waters and food in abundance.


Excited to live a life of celebration, a most magical and happy life!


Unfortunately the majority of people don’t seem to believe this to be possible and this makes me sad to think Humanity has become so dense, so totally engrossed in their cage-like existence and seemingly content in fighting to succeed, becoming depressed with failure and dying of a BodyMind dis-ease. All because they have forgotten the bigger picture, of how they are starlight beings experiencing duality in physical form, of how great, powerful and magnificent they truly are and the reason they are here now!


This doesn’t deter me though, my passion drives me more to continue writing, painting and talking about this great Shift of Consciousness that is naturally happening to help awaken Humanity.

IAM grateful for many Divine brothers and sisters who are waking up to their own truth and are walking beside me, sharing experiences together along our Ascension path.


I share my most intimate details of my physical integration and how loving more and more of myself, my old traumas… is helping release the density of my body/mind. IAM actually weighing less as everything is physically changing. Physically preparing myself now for Embodied Ascension.


This year has not been easy, I’ve had to focus on resting a lot, dealing with stubborn fears… but I’ve held onto trusting my Divine self who is indeed taking me further beyond into a new adventure. During the last few weeks, I’ve had to distract myself from doubts… and have been inspired to intuitively paint the picture above… Let’s Play!


Each of my SoulArt canvas paintings share a story… and this one is no exception. First I noticed my perfect golden ratio centre piece was showing itself as an Elephant and then I noticed Jeremy hanging upside down, trying to get my attention to play and remember!


The ones who have read my true love story, will remember Jeremy is an Elemental being that first explained to me how everything and every person is undergoing a natural transformation… as our carbon based body/mind is turning to a crystalline structure.




Jeremy had recently sensed my struggle, as my body continued to deal with this natural transmutation… and wanted to take my mind away from getting involved with trying to fix and control the situation and into playing… lightening up… and remembering what was indeed happening!


Remembering how this physical change, this physical crystallisation was causing old trauma, from previous life times and this one that had not been dealt with, to come up for acknowledgement and loved in the physical, and be integrated and released of service.

Remembering that although I was indeed sovereign, independent and unique in physical form, my consciousness had never been separate from All That Is. AND it could be helpful if I remembered to imagine my Spirit family breathing along with me as I opened up to receive more light and love and forge a new flow through my beingness that would anchor me into Mother Earth and the Cosmos in a new way.


A New Flow of Anchoring our Being from Ormus


I had recently felt my old energetic roots were no longer serving me, they felt as if they had rotted away!


In my remembering, and this was the theme of my SoulArt, the elephant… I could know my old roots had served me well for many lifetimes, but now it was time to truly expand my consciousness below and above, anchoring myself in a new way.


Ormus was another elemental being I wrote about in my true love story who showed me this new Conscious Breathing above and below.


Jeremy’s last words on this subject were for me to remember IAM Human AND Divine, and it is equally essential for me to nurse old traumas and pains that come up during this physical transmutation, observe their integration and release AND to have fun, play and imagine, being excited creating as the Master and Creator IAM and living a life of celebration as my magnificent self.


Everything is perfectly timed, IAM on course and I can celebrate my next adventure beyond everything known that is quite magically appearing in my physical reality.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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