Life is pleasant.  Death is peaceful.  It’s the transaction that’s troublesome.

–          Isaac Asimov

In today’s world we are all striving for Financial Safety, Security and Savings, however it is a sad fact that there are only two certainties in life – Death and Taxes – both of which can be expensive if not dealt with properly.

An IBERIAN FUNERAL PLAN will take care for the provision of life’s final event:

Safety – We are the only Spanish S.L. registered Funeral Planning Company.  We specialise in Funeral Plans for the English speaking community, nothing else.   You are guaranteed acceptance whatever your age, plus the plan will always be in effect, however long you live.

Security – If you decide to pay in Euro your money stays in Spain with BBVA/Santander.  If you pay in GBP it is deposited with HSBC in the UK.   All plans are legally registered with the Ministry of Economics.   Our Terms and Conditions are just that – legal and binding.  They are not a statement allowing us to do what we want, when we want and charge you extra for the pleasure.

Savings – Iberian plans are fixed cost; the price advertised is the price you will pay.  There are no hidden extras.  Should you wish to pay by instalments we offer terms of up to 5 years, totally interest free.   You also have the option to pay in Euro or GBP (Sterling).


Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go.

Jean de la Fontaine


Iberian plans are competitively priced and fully comprehensive.  We provide a complete “beginning to end” service and are with you all the way.    Our plans provide a healthy saving when compared to the current national average funeral cost of €4000 + IVA – which is a further €840 – WHY – because our plans are IVA (VAT) Exempt.


Contracts are in place with National and International Funeral directors assuring that your plan is registered from day 1.  We operate a 24 hour bereavement helpline number so you will always be in contact with a professional who knows your exact requirements. Thinking of returning to the U.K or any other part of Europe, then your plan can go with you; it is as easy as that!

We are not a one man band, nor an agent of a UK Company, nor a UK Company operating a Trust Fund.  A pension fund is written in Trust, a life insurance policy is written in Trust – and we have all heard about the “Black Holes” in Pension Schemes and the loss in value of personal pensions.  Trust funds are not a legal accounting entity in Spain and are only a marketing ploy.


So in summary if you want to deal with an ethical, legal, caring company with regards to making provisions for life’s final event then IBERIAN should be your first choice.

No fuss, no hassle and no pressure ………..


We all have to die some day, if we live long enough.

–          Dave Farber



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