#LivingInLockdown – Day 22


Day 22 – Monday 6th April


The start of week four in quarantine and a definite sensation of ennui is beginning to set in. A bit of me can’t be bothered to get out of bed, because whatever needs doing can wait after all. Don’t worry I do get out of bed. Not to do so is a slippery slope down hill, but the thought is definitely there. Part of the problem is the weather has turned grey and wet again. I miss my morning sun bathing sessions. 


I’ve also finished organising my photos from the latter half of last year, all 1582 of them. Trouble is, it is like a reminder of all the fun I had when not in lockdown and boy do I have a fun life. It is filled with trips to see the family, holidays and day trips, mountain hikes, gym and swimming, leisurely walks, wine tastings, Costa Women events and outings with friends. In fact when this first started I was quite happy to have a break, because all that travel and going out is tiring, but now I’m getting itchy feet. 


There’s a number of posts going round social media asking people what’s the first thing they will do when the lockdown ends. Funnily enough as I went through my photos the one that really jolted the heart strings was not the holidays, hikes or nights out. It was a post from December where I had been into the city for some Christmas shopping and stopped at the terrace cafe in Parque Berlin on my way back for a coffee because it was sunny day. That’s what I really miss. The simple pleasures of being outside and watching life go by, but life is on hold for all of us right now.


As I write this I’m also giving myself a mental slap. Stop whinging! My life in lockdown is not so bad. I’m in a big apartment with plenty of light and good wifi; I haven’t lost my job or source of income; none of my family have the virus; I’m not on the frontline exposed to this risk; I have people who care about me and are in constant contact; I’m perfectly capable of benefitting from the many online opportunities; I’ve plenty of food, heat, medications indeed I want for none of the basics; and I have work I can be getting on with. 


I have no real reason to complain, except I’m a human being and perfectly entitled to have the odd grumpy day. I’ll get over it by tomorrow, unless it’s still raining in which case I make no promises. Give me my sun back!