Let’s talk about wardrobe tips and get organized!

Amidst the #cocoonofchange, with what is happening around the globe… it’s unclear as to how this COVID19 virus may change our lives for the foreseeable future.
Here at Mapuchi Moda, whilst we remain closed during COVID 19, we want you and your families to remain safe and it’s better to know that you will #staysafestayhome.
During this time spent at home, our plans are to create an online shop, so that when we are all able to re-connect, there will be even more reasons to share our fabulous fashion! Meanwhile, our blogs and fashion news will continue throughout our Social Media on Facebook & Instagram and that way we can keep in touch with all our truly supportive clients!
Our community here on the Costa del Sol is full of amazing and resilient people, all of whom, with their strength… WILL come through this crisis.
We want to remain in touch and know that we’ll see all of you as soon as it’s safe to do so.
So let’s begin!
Whilst we busy ourselves in the comfort of our homes…why not take a break from the negative news and head off to the wardrobe.
You’ve been avoiding it and yesssss!!….. we’ve been there too but… you’ll feel so much better after it’s done.

Where do I begin?

Here’s some helpful tips to get you started!


Does it fit?

Firstly if it doesn’t fit, then try to go by the “12-months rule” when organizing and figuring out what to purge. If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, then pass it forward!
We all have clothes that we bought in haste or indeed, we’ve made some odd choices!
Let’s face it, we can lose weight or also gain weight… so let’s be honest with ourselves, face the music and create more options with how your wardrobe can bring out the best in YOU by keeping the key pieces in check!

Does it fit?… Have I worn it in the last 12 months? ….
OK, so now you’ve made the choices of which lucky items get to stay in the wardrobe, based on how much you can and will actually wear that garment in the future. You need to feel joy or attachment that will actually serve you when wearing clothes, so if it doesn’t bring you that special feeling… just let it go and pass it forward! While it’s completely understandable that you may want to hold on to one or two items forever, it’s important not to use the word ‘sentimental’ as an excuse.
Instead, think of how they could be put to better use. Would granny’s old coat be happier gathering dust in your wardrobe forever or perhaps finding new life after in someone else’s wardrobe? Remember there’s joy to be found in giving clothes a whole new life, as well as from holding on to them.
You’ll feel so much lighter when you’ve removed of a chunk of clothing that’s just taking up space inside the wardrobe, which you never seem to wear.

           OK ! Now lets do some housekeeping !


…fixed in a jiffy!
If you’re heading for a special night out …ensure that you don’t arrive at the wardrobe and find that you can’t wear a favourite blouse, thanks to a loose button or a pair of trousers with a zip that’s gone tricky….
Well hopefully for most of us, sewing isn’t too difficult, the odd loose button or unravelled seam here and there, that you were meaning to fix can be done in a jiffy, so make sure you have a good selection of cotton and some needles to hand. All the bigger jobs for the seamstress can be put to one side with a note.

Dry clean in a spray!
Dry Cleaning
A quick fix for small stains- when you discover a mark or stain on your clothing, reach for the home version of a dry cleaning spray. Plus, if you can’t wash it by hand this will save your garment from being over-cleaned by chemicals too often. Easily applied, follow the instructions and leave to dry whilst you grab a cuppa, then brush it off gently with a clothes brush. Sometimes you might need to apply twice but see how it goes.

for delicate fabrics…
Washing delicate clothing?… then head for the special hand wash… and if the supermarket brand doesn’t handle it, then Woolite will. Its specially made for delicate fabrics and available in individual versions including one for dark and light colours, together with one for sportswear that will go easy on the elasticity and colour, safeguarding your clothes instead of washing the fibres out of them!
OK! now we’re off to the wardrobe …..
Colour choreography – which works best for you?
Depending on the size of your wardrobe and even if it’s not large, then using colour choreography of light to dark shades within your wardrobe, can help you get dressed more easily because your combos will already be in colour codes. We always start with black furthest away and then bring the colours into line.
We’ll be covering more about colour in our next fashion blog!
If you choose to wear co-ordinates and you use colour co-ordination, then you’ll see first hand across your wardrobe what combos will match, rather than having tops/ skirts/ trousers etc all together in separate chunks and then being ambushed by a mixed-up colour combo.

Rainbows happen for a good reason….


Make things visible

How often have you discovered an item in your wardrobe that you’d completely forgotten you owned? The answer is probably all too often; our clothes are so tightly packed in drawers and cupboards so it’s impossible to actually see each item.
Working with limited space? …then it’s best to have the current season accessible i.e. summer or winter in the wardrobe at that time. If you’re blessed with space and have a large wardrobe area, then go for it!

Let’s start with some great organizing methods!

Hangers – available from all good department stores & Amazon!

Slim velvet-covered hangers create more space and prevent garments slipping
Shirts & tops – using hangers that match will create more room … we’ve shown you some examples in the images to help. Make sure that all the collars are facing the same way to make more room. We found these velvet- coated ones really great at saving space whilst ensuring your garments stay fixed in place.

Grip fasten on the waistband
Skirts  need to be hung to avoid creasing and this type of hanger does the trick!
Try not to cramp them as different styles have different amounts of fabric that need more room.

Making more space …
Trousers – hangers need to be a bit stronger and wide enough so you can avoid that crumple effect that happens on a small hanger.

Jumpers love lavender to eliminate those pesky moths!
Jumpers – truthfully, although you’ve spotted one on a hanger in the image previously…they can handle being folded if they’re wool/ cashmere or cotton. If they’re a finer fabric, then aim to use a softer type hanger so the shoulder area doesn’t make an indent. Always a good idea to have some lavender sachets in your wardrobe to deter those sneaky little nibblers called moths, which sometimes appear!

Velvet non-slip – perfect for some knitwear
Cardigans and soft jackets – For those awkward garments that always seem to slip or end up with indentations from naff hangers we found these are really useful in the wardrobe as they ensure your clothes won’t end up with indentations due to the weight of the garment pulling down on the shoulder. Click here https://amzn.to/3btWDud
Dresses – it’s great to have them in a wardrobe with full length so that you can have them all in one place. Sometimes that’s not possible, so go by the length and have those ones you wear the most in the handiest spot. Again try and use the same type of hangers as you get more on the rail!
Evening Wear & Occasion Wear– it’s probably advisable to keep those outfits in garment covers, as you perhaps don’t wear them so often and being more expensive they should have more protection.
Click here for garment covers https://amzn.to/33RnMVr https://amzn.to/33XcSxt

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

A girl can never have enough shoes!
If you don’t have your shoes in boxes
(which you can label if you do!) and have a shelving system for them instead, put the heels up high and the flats down low. It’s a logical choice but you’ll probably be wearing your flats the most and having them ready to slip on, is easier than if they were up high – grabbing them with a step stool. If you want to do your own show box labelling with images maybe this link will guide you through it. Click here https://youtu.be/uRDM5GVHQik
Don’t forget to maintain your shoes using a good cobbler, as he will ensure they last longer!

Grab a bag!
Bags – these are a little department of their own, as we need various types and colours to make the wardrobe come together.
Six main types to have; shopper, executive/work, daytime, evening, sporty, beach.
The best way to ensure you don’t leave anything important in them when not in use, is to clear the pockets when you put them away in the wardrobe.

Ultra neat for quick decisions!
Take care of zips by using a small amount of furniture polish on a cloth and rub gently into the zip teeth to keep the zip running smoothly!
If you need to clean out the bits in the bottom of your bag, which happens over time, then grab the hoover nozzle on the slowest speed or shake the bag open over the bath. That way, any lipsticks or eyeliners you’ve lost along the way, will re-appear by magic! Keep them clean and dust-free by wrapping them in old pillowcases or fabric bags which you can buy or make easily.

Various ways to store your scarves
Scarves  A girl can never have too many scarves bags nor shoes, because it extends the wardrobe tenfold how we can accessorize and create more looks!

Multi options for hanging scarves
Here’s a fun link to help you wear your scarves in more ways than you can imagine!

Ideas on filing your clothes in a suitable drawer space.


Easy to find…
  • T’s – We all have T’s for different days but folding and rolling them helps keep things condensed. Click here https://bit.ly/3bAEsTF
  • Sweatshirts, Hoodies & sportswear – OK so these are the bulkiest items we’ll have in the wardrobe, so if you can use a separate drawer or hang in an area where they can do their own thing.
    Click here https://bit.ly/3bxmK3K
  • Bras – Fold the shoulder straps and back strap into the cup and stack, so they don’t move all over the place. Using the colour code keeps them easily accessed. 
  • Panties and thongs – they always seem to creep out of order around the drawer (!), so maybe keep them all together in a see-through bag or failing that you can always fold them into a uniform shape and stack. Click here https://bit.ly/2JoCaeg Socks – pair and roll them into balls according to season – fine & thick/ sports/pop socks/ long /short etc. 
  • Tights/Hosiery – you can half them, then tie in a knot again placing them in a fabric bag so they’re safe from laddering. Have a separate drawer for all those miscellaneous items like underskirts, suspenders, all in one’s and Spanx undergarments etc because then you’ll find them easily in one spot.
Click here for great drawer organizing https://bit.ly/3dBXBX9
Click here to buy some organizers https://amzn.to/2JmHrDa

Why not create a holiday drawer or box!

Pack it full of items like bikinis, sun hats and items which you only wear on holiday like strappy dresses, kaftans and sandals.
If you choose to have a box then make sure it’s clearly labelled and pop it up on a high shelf, so it’s not taking up valuable everyday wardrobe space. What’s more, you’ll feel really excited every time you reach up and bring your holiday box down in readiness for that trip abroad.
               A wardrobe is always work in progress!
On a final note, make sure you don’t let your wardrobe get out of hand again; you could try a seasonal re-shuffle and start regular pruning to ensure that everything you own truly deserves its place in the new clutter-free, bring out the best in YOU wardrobe!
We hope you’ve found some new inspiration and gained an insight into how to improve your wardrobe. If you need any assistance, then we are very happy to help you make a start!
Contact Sara Haley at info@mapuchimoda.com and for more details on personal styling, which key pieces to have and more wardrobe techniques.

With love from Mapuchi Moda!

Bringing out the BEST in YOU!
Coming in our next blog …
how to put your wardrobe together using key pieces!

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