#LivingInLockdown – Day 38


Day 38 – Wednesday 22 April


A miracle happened today. I went to the pharmacy to get some eye drops and they actually had face masks for sale. They weren’t advertised but there’s been a lot of news about Madrid sourcing extra masks so I thought I’d ask. Not only were they available but I could have bought as many as I liked. I only took three for now. No need to be greedy.


The reason face masks have been so much in the news is not just because they’ve been so scarce. There’s also an argument about how much places are charging. The government have now placed a block on suppliers charging any more than 96 cents a mask. I bought mine for 1,50€ each. Not bad on the whole.


That was the highlight of my day and the fact the sun came out again. How about the rest of you?