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This is your invitation to guest blog at Me, My Magnificent Self, and take up my writing challenge for April/May 2020 and help inspire others at this most critical time of change… to be the change and at the same time promote your Divine Creative Expression on my website.


Every year I have a theme word to inspire my own creative expression, this year the word MAGICAL popped up! AND what better way to use this word than by asking my Divine brothers and sisters to join me in co-creating a Free E Book; a bundle of magnificent visions of Magical NewEarth.


During April & May I will showcase YOU here on my blog that I know for sure will help inspire our network of readers about this great shift of consciousness we are all experiencing now and how everyone has creative powers to envision their own loving, peaceful and harmonious world for us all to live a life of celebration together in.


I can’t do this without you…. so please allow your creative juices to flow and write at least 2000 words about how you envision ‘a new you and a new life’. Imagine you discover you are truly powerful and can magically transport yourself into a most loving and harmonious world. How do you envision YOU and YOUR life living your grand dream.


Please let me know in the comments or by email to (barbara(at)memymagnificentself(dot)com and i’ll give you the next available date to be published here on in April and May.


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As many of you know the first chapter of my True Love Story Your Magnificent Self… A Journey To Freedom describes my Magical New Earth that I once imagined and continue to hold high for all Humanity to discover their highest potential and join us enjoying a life of celebration right here on the earth plane. I’ve copied it in below for you all to read.


Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of your own true love story that truly transports you into a world of magic, love and harmony.


Chapter 1 Barbara... The End is a New Beginning

The End is… Always an opportunity to choose and experience something new for Self!


Gentle refreshing waves lap over my feet as I enjoy walking along the ocean shore, my feet caress the fine white sparkling sand as they gently sink into the Earth. I smell the fresh seaweed lying on the sand that has naturally drifted ashore, waiting for me to pick it up and lay in my basket. I look out into the transparent and turquoise ocean and see the rich and colourful coral reefs in the depths below, the fish swimming in and out of their home and playground and the dolphins taking their morning swim in the shallow waters.


The ocean is pure and clear, heavy with its natural salt, refreshing and cleansing everything that comes into contact with it. The sun has just risen; the rays gently warm my body and a circle of fluffy white clouds slowly dissolve into a bright blue sky above me, the early rain having fed the luscious nature. I hear the delightful melody of the birds, animals and sea creatures chanting a welcome to this new day as I take my early morning walk and collect my daily treat of fresh seaweed.


IAM on my way back home, which lies not far from the ocean shore, a natural stone cottage in a small village that is scattered amongst the majestic rocks and mountains, tall ancient palm trees, colourful long grasses and large vibrant flowers. My colourful silk dress and long copper hair blow gently in the breeze, shimmering and reflecting the light. I feel the sun warm on my soft olive skin. I feel grand and magnificent, a jubilant joy oozing from me as IAM conscious of being in this moment and this wonderful bright and happy Environment. I breathe a relaxed and contented breath and am thankful for the gentle integration that has occurred within my crystalline DivineHuman self.


IAM eighty years old and remember being around the age of fifty-five when my aging process stood still and my skin began to take on a new elasticity that allow only my laughter lines to appear when I smile and laugh. I feel as youthful as a teenager and my old limited and controlled way of thinking has gently faded away. The life I have created for myself, here on this wonderful New Earth, allows me to experience many amazing sensations and potential that far reaches anything I could ever of imagined or begin to express.


It is my family’s turn to host and light the morning fire, for all those who want to come together for a morning feast in celebration of the new day. Everyone will bring their favourite food and refreshing drink, natural products from the land and sea to share with each other. My father will be bringing his guitar and play delightful melodies, accompanied by my mother and sister’s angelic voices. Others will join in, singing songs of heartfelt joy. There will be time this morning to share new potentials, new technologies and new experiences that have been recently discovered and just before our celebration ends, we will spend some quiet me-time, consciously breathing together, balancing our Body Consciousness; aligning ourselves with our own consciousness within, the Heavens above, the Earth below and the immediate Environment surrounding us.

How so different life is now. The Earth’s Environment sparkles with a pure crystalline light, the reflection of each Divine and Human passion, energies of pure beauty and sensual love that fill each living person and emanate out into the Environment.


One heart at a time, Humankind had awoken to the truth of their own magnificence as they chose to hear their own Divine voice and play out their desire to live and experience a life of freedom, unity and compassion. Each person had recognised their own IAM presence and the wisdom and love they had naturally distilled from their own long Human experience.


Never before had this been done on Earth, we were the new standards of Spirit Incarnate, Embodied and Enlightened, Grand Master Creators of an ever-abundant life. Creating wondrous creations born in freedom, as each person trusted their own Sovereign passion to bring about the most perfect potential and experience desired.


All of us, who knew the truth of our own magnificence and chose no longer to be held captive in the limited reality of fear and lack, had gradually moved out of the inner cities and into areas of countryside, ocean and lakeshores. To begin a new peaceful life filled with inspiration, imagination and creation. We were still part of the physical Earth and observed the on going conflict, horrific deaths, destruction of the inner cities and the rising fear as religion and politics continued to play out the scenario of Winner Takes It All. But simultaneously we were creating and living on a parallel New Earth, a life based on love. We were fulfilling our new role as DivineHumanBeing and experiencing a most magnificent life.


The old foundations and systems of power were gradually collapsing, causing much panic, depression and disease, but consciousness was naturally expanding and allowed many others to see our new way of living and chose to join us. We didn’t have to be afraid of the ones who continued to play with the dark and fearful energies, because they couldn’t see us, they remained focused on playing in their small world, allowing fear to rule life and conflict and dis-ease to determine their end.


It had been a grand dream we had all held dear for so long and our transformation had happened quite naturally and gracefully, perhaps quite strange to the old Human mind to even think it could be possible. Expanding out of the limited mind and physical reality of time and space, into an ever-expanding reality of no time and infinite space. We created and experienced the unfolding of a New Energy Consciousness, our new home on New Earth, right here on the physical Earth.


When everyone had either finished playing out their Human role and passed over, or chose to join us living in our new expanded Consciousness on New Earth… did the physical Earth and New Earth merge together as One. The pure crystalline structure of the New Earth absorbed the physical Earth and gave birth to a New Crystalline Physical Earth, a multi-physical space of New Energy Consciousness for the DivineHumanBeing and Master Creator to experience expressing and creating their heart and soul’s passion.


We are all Sovereign Master Creators who have chosen to allow All That Is to serve us in our own way. We are all great leaders who use our unique qualities and joys to create together a Worldwide Co-operation to sustain us all. It is an open and transparent network in which each person shares their own unique creative art form… in business, discovery, innovation, play, education and information worldwide.


Our consciousness attracts the free and abundant energy, which powers our New Earth. We have clean water, clean air, fertile soil, food, drink, clothes and gifts in abundance for everyone to share and enjoy. We are no longer dependent on nature, animals or other people and now enjoy everything. We have no need for money because we each value ourselves and this attracts whatever we want to come into our life.


We don’t need relationships, but some of us choose to have them, in particular to enjoy the sweet surrender and ultimate sensual and physical lovemaking. We connect with new souls that want to come in and experience the sensual and free life on New Earth, agreeing to bring them in through the natural human conception of love and the birth process and nurture them for a short while before they feel ready to live independently and fulfil their own role as Master Creator. We are all vibrant, healthy and well and choose when we have experienced enough and are ready to leave the Earth to go on our next adventure.


We no longer need to think or believe; instead we are aligned with our innate knowingness and our distilled human wisdom (from our vulnerabilities, feelings, passions, hopes and dreams, the suffering, injustice, naivety, innocence, fragility, grace and compassion) that guides us on our journey through life in each moment. We each choose where to live, in our own self-sustained home and go about our daily life as we feel fit in each moment. We communicate from the heart and honour and respect all. We are each fully responsible for our words, actions and life situations and our Body Consciousness (the integration of our crystallised Divine light body and mind, our Human physical body and mind and our aspects) is self sustained.


We are grateful for all our Human life experiences and now enjoy experiencing our own Creative Mastery and Enlightenment. We allow our creations to expand and express themself in total freedom… in this way we ensure that our Environment continues to reflect back to us the truth of our freedom, abundance and magnificence.


I have returned home and taken the fresh seaweed to the buffet table that is nicely filling up with mouth-watering foods. We don’t need to eat for our physical nourishment anymore, the conscious breath is enough to nourish and sustain our crystalline light body and mind, but we do enjoy consciously tasting  small amounts of quality foods and drinks. I welcomed all my friends and family who were arriving to share precious and sacred time and enjoyed a wonderful morning celebration together, singing, talking, consciously breathing, eating and drinking, giving thanks… to the existence of Self… to the new day… to the fire of creation… and to our family and friendships.


We shared the left over food and drink to take back home, stacked the chairs back against a low wall behind the buffet table and we all began to go our separate ways back home or out to work or play. The fire was smouldering low; I walked across and lifted some sand with my bare feet to dampen the flames. My parents who were now in their early hundred’s came to kiss me farewell before making their own way home, a short walk away. My sister, husband and children came to embrace my family before leaving and continuing their day.


The day was once again mine to enjoy. Tom was heading off to town to gather with some new students who wanted to bring their new discovery into the open market place. Our children and grand children were leaving for a local exploration, looking for new colours and textures to make new paints for their Creative Art Business. I wandered across the lawn and into our home. I was working on a new project, helping my quantum physic friends implement the free energy generators that would connect all our technology in each home and work space. Documents and drawings covered my creative table that stood in the middle of my workspace; a tranquil room situated at the far end of our cottage.


Like the rest of our home, I had designed my workspace and sanctuary to be simple, relaxing and spacious. My favourite paintings hung on the walls, serene figurines stood in the corners and my creative cupboard full of collected treasures, stood tall and proud on the back wall behind a most comfortable sofa where I would spend my time relaxing and daydreaming. It had taken me two years to coordinate the designing, building and decorating of our home. It was a delightful natural stone cottage with grand arched open doors and windows with sills full of giant trailing red roses. From the outside the cottage looked quite small, but inside it was truly grand. The entrance hall was showered with my colourful SoulArt paintings and beautiful figurines. Three beautiful archways led to two master bedrooms with large en-suites and walk-in wardrobes and a large open living space divided up into three distinct areas.


Sunlight flooded the spacious area and beautiful golden voile curtains gently swayed at the sides of the open windows. On the right was our kitchen, simple, natural and modern with plenty of cupboard space and all the latest gadgets to make cooking easy and fun. In the corner was a small pantry where we kept all the fresh foods cool and dry. Cooking was one of my creative passions, creating the aromas and different tastes for myself and family and friends to enjoy.


The kitchen led into an open dining space where a long wooden table and six comfy chairs stood in front of a large glass dresser displaying our crystal and china ware. Two pedestals, adorned with beautiful arrays of flowers stood on the left hand side, separating the sitting room that occupied the other side of the room. In the centre of the sitting room was an open fireplace with comfortable, soft sofas and small coffee tables encircling it at different angles.


At one end of the room was our entertainment screen that connected to live worldwide performances of sport, dance, music and theatre. It was also a direct feed to everyone’s information, discoveries and creations that everyone shared. It was only because everything and everyone was now open, transparent and truthful about themself that this interconnection was possible. Everyone’s choice as to what they wanted to share or be kept private was honoured at all times. At the other end of the room the wall was full of our family photographs, a display of our favourite books and on the floor was a colourful treasure chest, full of toys and games to play with the children. Another beautiful archway on the back wall led out to a bathroom and two tranquil workspaces.


Where IAM now, tidying up my project table before relaxing on my sofa with the book I published many moons ago. A true and unique story discovering Love and Freedom for myself. I recall my magical experience perceiving nine Elemental Beings, aspects and potentials of myself, coming back, one by one to join and guide me gracefully through the natural awakening and integration of my Human and Divine selves. They helped me feel and experience the potential and love I truly AM… in the physical reality and beyond… preparing me to experience my Enlightenment as an Embodied DivineHuman Being.


It was with much gratitude to everyone who had inspired me, that I wanted to share my extra-ordinary and magnificent life experience with others, to inspire them to choose freedom for themself and experience who they truly are.


What a magnificent and abundant life the writing and publishing of my book continued to attract. Not only did my book become one of the best ‘Self-Realisation and Awareness’ books of 2015, but for many years it inspired people to open their heart, integrate with their Divine Self and expand into the timeless freedom, experiencing their own Magnificent Master Creator self.


If you are intrigued to read how I managed to get to be able to hold this vision and live my grand dream… you can click on the Amazon and Apple links to purchase either a digital or paperback copy of my book.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom By Barbara Franken


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I share my own magical journey, exploring Who I AM with the help of nine Elemental Beings and expand from a world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom. It is in this loving space that I discover my Divine and ALL LOVING self and allow myself to integrate together as one Body Consciousness… a DivineHumanBeing… and Magnificent Master Creator who expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond.

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