#LivingInLockdown – Day 40 & 41


Day 40 & 41 – Friday/Saturday 24th/25th April


It finally happened. I missed a day’s blog. To be honest it was such a busy day yesterday that I didn’t even notice until I fell into bed at 2am this morning having drunk rather too much during a Zoom social. It didn’t seem a good idea to try to write the blog at that hour. I’m sure the result would have been amusing if somewhat unintelligible. Then this morning I went to post some updates on the community group I run in Madrid and ended up putting it on my own page by mistake. I’ve just hastily deleted it and moved it to the correct place. I’ve previously posted my personal stuff in this group by accident or on my wine blog page. It get’s a bit confusing to be switching between the three accounts, especially whilst suffering the aftermath of a bottle of red wine (a rather nice one too).

Anyway the reason I was too busy to blog yesterday is because I spent over nine hours either on the phone or FaceTime or Zoom with various people. Some of that was planned and some not. I am often on the phone these days, as my incredibly long phone log can testify, but nine hours is a new record. I have two more Zoom meetings this weekend and I’ve a horrible feeling they’re both today. Best I check my calendar and I think I’ll stick with non alcoholic beverages this time.

Yesterday was also my supermarket shopping day and the first time to test the masks I bought from the pharmacy. I had to do a little adjusting to make them fit but they are so much easier to use than my bandanas. Not as stiflingly hot and easier to breath through. I still don’t like wearing masks but I can put up with these ones.

Between all the calls and the shopping trip I had little time for anything else except preparing my meals. I did no cleaning yesterday and this morning the apartment looks a wreck. It is incredible how much mess one person can make in 24 hours. I really need to get up and start sorting it out, but the flesh appears to be unwilling. Maybe later. Right now I’m happy to just sit in my sun spot sipping water until I’m rehydrated.