#LivingInLockdown – Day 39


Day 39 – Thursday 23 April


The inevitable has happened. I’ve put on weight. I know this because my body has started to point out that it’s not happy, nothing too bad, just a general feeling of frumpiness and lethargy. So I bit the bullet and weighed myself (the horror!) and yes, I am at my maximum comfortable weight. That’s not to say I haven’t weighed more than this before, but this is the point where I usually try to call a halt. 


I can’t entirely blame an inability to go out and exercise, though my average daily calorie expenditure has definitely gone down by a few hundred calories. No, the problem is the comfort eating. There has been a few too many packets of crisps, biscuits and cakes. It stops now or at least on my next shop. All I have to do is exercise will power when in the supermarket and not buy this stuff. Then I can’t eat it. Especially at the moment because it’s not like I can cave by running out to the shop when I want chocolate. 


In response to this weight gain I have increased my stair climbing activities. I am trying to do half an hour a day at least. Of course I shouldn’t really be using the communal stairs for exercise, so I can only go out when no one is around. Usually this means lunch time. Today I was a bit late and it turns out our cleaner is still working. You could have fooled me because the stairs are filthy, she’s obviously not cleaning them. She is however wiping down the elevator and mopping the entrance halls on each floor. As a result stair climbing got curtailed today.


Whilst talking about future exercise there is some good news and bad news. The government has now stated that from next week up to three children may go outside with a responsible adult each day for exercise. They must maintain social distancing from each other and anyone else, can go up to 1km from the house and can stay out for 1 hour maximum. Hopefully this means that when the government starts relaxing the rules for adults, which they say will be from next month, we will also be allowed an hour’s exercise outside each day. On the down side this will make my clandestine stair climbing more difficult in the interim.


Oh well you can’t win them all.