#LivingInLockdown – Day 47


Day 47 – Friday May 1st


Looking back there has been a bit of a theme to this week’s posts: the fact we’re finally being allowed out to exercise. I’m sorry if it’s getting repetitive but I seem unable to think of anything else except going for a walk. It’s not that I’m desperate…. hell who am I kidding, yes I’m desperate to get out. Only one more night to to go.


This morning I even woke up at 6am, which is unheard of. I think my body is gearing itself up for the new hours. Mind you that is unlikely to happen tomorrow as tonight is my Zoom social with the pub goers and I will be having a wee wine or two. Not a problem because by mutual agreement my Saturday night Zoom social has been pushed out from 8.30pm to 9.30pm so we can all get a walk in beforehand.


Not everyone is happy with the exercise allowance, particularly the time slots allocated by the Spanish authorities. Most people understand the need for time slots to prevent overcrowding and protect the most vulnerable. However our times from 6am to 10am and 8pm to 11pm include about 3 hours of darkness. This doesn’t bother me as I live in a good neighbourhood and often walk in the dark. I thought nothing of strolling through my Barrio to get to various bars before this lockdown, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem now. However I agree that walking in the sunshine is better.


I suspect that this weekend will be a little chaotic but I live in a middle class neighbourhood with many families. When everyone is back at work next week and their children homeschooling I am unlikely to see anyone after 8.30am and will be able to take my exercise in peace. There have been some calls to give adults the lunch time slot of 2pm to 4pm as most families here hold their lunch hour as sacrosanct. It is true that very few families are going out during this time where I am, but the rules are for all Spain and maybe in other areas this is not the case.


One friend, prior to the time slots being announced, wondered whether it would be possible to go out twice a day. Would anyone notice? At the time I thought ‘please don’t put that thought in my head’ and now I’ve seen the split time slots it does somewhat encourage people to cheat and go out twice. Even the government has admitted that this phase will be very hard to police and they are relying on us to be sensible.


I will live with what we have for now and try to be a good girl. I do not want a resurgence of Corona Virus cases. Adding an hour of outside activity to my current stair climbing and resistance training indoors will be enough. Then there’s the fact that I can still go to the supermarket at other times, the rules on this have not changed on that activity. On the whole things are a lot better than they were before and if we’re sensible phase 1 will be with before we know it and coffee on a terrace will be available. I’m already planning the best places to go assuming they all reopen.