#LivingInLockdown – Day 51


Day 51 – Tuesday May 5th


Today has been pretty full. Up early to do my outdoor exercise before the crowds form, followed by breakfast and updating of Facebook posts for the groups and pages that I run. A nice half hour soaking up the sun in front of the lounge window, then a two and half hour marathon of telephone calls to friends and family. Quick lunch of stir fried rice before the Costa Women Hosts’ Zoom video conference call. Then it was time to do my daily 1000ft of stair climbing (the leg muscles have now forgiven me and are feeling fine). Some stretching and a long shower and it was back into slob clothes whilst I settled down with the iPad and iphone to deal with a myriad of emails and whatsap messages.


I was just contemplating cooking up some pasta and opening a nice bottle of white wine to enjoy whilst watching a DVD, when it occurred to me I hadn’t yet written today’s blog.


You know what? I really can’t be bothered to write today. I have no thoughts to share with you except that the wine is calling me.


Cheers until tomorrow