50 days of lockdown

50 days of lockdown!
I started fully motivated doing the right thing.
I was writing a daily blog and attended various webinars.
After around 3 weeks this changed, when the lockdown was extended and extended and extended again.
I became frustrated.
Felt isolated, although living with my hubby and dog.
Another week (or 2) later I pulled myself together and extended my “lockdown diaries” with global articles from the USA, Mexico, and France.
After 50 days of lockdown I am thrilled- over the moon – that restrictionis are lifted.
Hairdressers are open, restaurants open from May 11.

This might be a very selfish. But being brought up in Western Europe, freedom and independence was always on top of my list. Not being able to go wherever I want. Not allowed meeting friends. I felt like in prison. Very pleased that we are allowed to go out again.

I am now looking to support the local businesses, community.
I think a lot are f***** up (excuse my French).

That is my lockdown summary so far. My blog articles are added as link https://www.andalucia-mi-amor.com/blog/categories/lockdown-dairy

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  1. Cynthia Lombardi

    Claudia, I feel very much the same. I’m on lockdown with my cat in a small apartment in Fuengirola/Malaga. We were not allowed to move to phase 1 this week, after getting our hopes up last week. I am an outdoor person, and really need to be able to exercise when I want! Now we don’t know if we are delayed for another week or more.\ud83d\ude29\ud83c\udfdd

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