Meeting My Creativity

Human being is naturally creative. There is an artist in every one, not necessarily a revolutionary and acclaimed artist, but there is a creative power in every person. All areas of human activities are fields for creation, from domestic tasks to professional one; from creating a party for your children to painting a picture or renewing organization of your office work.

Creativity is like building a prototype, doing something that nobody else has done before; it brings freedom and joy to life. Unfortunately it can also provoke criticism, judgment and need for perfectionism. Expectations that appear around creativity can be like a burden that threatens, blocks and stops us from creating at all. And in the end it can make out of us a sad, disappointed and unhappy person.

There are ways of removing these blocks and fears that hinder and hold back our creativity. There are simple techniques that help to regain and refresh your natural tendency to create.  

So if you suffer from a “writer’s block” or feel too mechanical and limited in your life you can join me in a workshop that I called “Meeting My Creativity”. It will take place in Studio MindBody at Los Boliches on Tuesday 21st of June. I will use mindfulness, meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques ) to explore this subject. Have a look at Events at CostaWomen site.