Motivational Web Series

It takes 21 days to create a habit and 60 days to create a lifestyle.  Since everyone is making new year resolutions and setting goals for 2017 I decided this would be the perfect time to do my new web series all about motivating yourself to complete goals, start new hobbies or just generally making the most of life rather than feeling like you can´t be bothered or feeling lazy.  I feel like although some people say they are lazy or have friends that call them lazy, this is not the case.  They have just got into the habit of doing nothing so you need to break that habit and create new habits.  Like the saying says at the beginning it takes 21 days to create a habit and 60 days to create a lifestyle.  So if you are ready to create a new habit for yourself follow my new web series.   Subscribe to my YouTube if you like it so you don´t miss the rest of the series as I upload it.  You can see episode 1 by following this link:  Motivational Video Episode 1

I hope you enjoy it, I am not a qualified person in self help but since my depression in my 20´s I have done a lot of research and have learnt a lot on the subject because I am determined to never feel as low as I did ever again.  I want to experience life on a positive level as much as I can and push myself all the time to complete goals and find new goals.  I feel like now is a perfect time to help motivate others who may need it and help others to push themselves to live the life they desire.  I hope to help just 1 person achieve their goals for 2017.