How to take part in a Costa Women Hangout

Costa Women Hangouts are now over 100!

Started back in February 2014 as an experiment, they have now become a staple part of the Costa Women diet.


What is a Hangout? (aka Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live )

It’s a 2 way video chat (a bit like Skype or Facebook Video Call) that is recorded live via some fancy software that comes free with a YouTube Channel. 

Here they are in all their glory and its a good idea to watch a couple to know what to expect – click to watch here


Why Would you want to take part in a Costa Women Hangout?

They are a great opportunity to see and hear the stories from your experiences of being a women living in Spain. Ali then shares the interview on all our Costa Women social media platforms, the weekly newsletter and here on the Costa Women website. Plus you are free to share on your own channels/site etc. All we ask is that you provide us with any text or links you would like to accompany the video and in return you tag/link back to Costa Women from your end.

What Questions will you be asked?

This is by no means an intensive interview with tough questions. Essentially you tell me what you would like to share. Maybe it’s a life experience, and new project, or just how you arrived in Spain. If you are in business and/or fundraising you are more than welcome to talk about that also and provide links to accompany the video on how other ladies can get in touch with you. It is not however an out and out sales pitch.

The only specific questions we ask you to share your answers about are:

1. How did you hear about Costa Women?

2. How has being part of the Cost Women network helped you integrate in to Spanish life?

3. What one piece of advice would you give another lady with a ‘Spanish Dream’?

What Equipment do you need?

A device that can connect to the internet and a webcam. It’s so clever these days you can even be on your smart phone to take part!

Depending on the device, you may have to login to Google Mail or Hangouts app. Don’t worry I will be on the other side of Facebook Messenger if you have any difficulties getting on the broadcast.

One other thing that makes the sound quality better is if you have some headphones. Small ear-bud style like the set that come with your mobile-phone are great, but if you have a set with a microphone even better. Normally the webcam or built-in microphone is fine, but by having headphones plugged into the circuit stops the sound looping out the speaker and back in the microphone (aka feedback!). It’s not about whether we can hear each other, it’s the quality of the sound and avoiding an echo on the playback.

How do I get on screen to take part?

You can simply send me a message via Facebook and let me know what day and time is good for you. Once we have found a mutually agreeable day and time, I then set up the video call with some highly skilled button pushing 🙂

Here is my profile link –

I need to send you the special YouTube-Hangout Live weblink about 5 mins before the time we agreed and will do so on Facebook messenger.

Click the link and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any problems send me a message and I’ll try and help. Sometimes there are a few bits and pieces to agree to the first time. Sometimes you still can’t see me, so close down the browser, come back to messenger and click the link I had previously sent you a second time and quite often that’s enough to get you in.

Don’t panic, as the screen opens you are NOT LIVE!

We get to have a chat and check all is well before I press the Broadcast button. When we’ve finished chatting stay right there until I’ve pressed the off button and give you the thumbs up signal.  You don’t need to press anything your end.

How long does it take?

Getting connected can take about 5 minutes and then a brief chat to check all is well before going live. The interview itself will be between 5-10 minutes it really depends on what you’d like to talk about. It is kind of live, but no one is watching. If you are not happy with how it turns out we can delete and start again.

Try and find a quiet location to talk to me and have the light facing you not behind … and a SMILE 🙂

If there is anything you need to ask me please post below or send a message via Facebook

I look forward to seeing another 100 lovely Costa Women on hangouts in 2017

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