My Quarantine Life

So we have been in quarantine for around 2 months (I’ve lost count of the days now).  I thought I’d share what I have been up to. 

The first couple of weeks were difficult.  It was just a normal day, we had been to burger king for lunch and then at home we switched on the news and saw that it was happening.  Our first thought was we better get to the shop since we didn’t have anything in.  When we got there it was like an apocalypse!  People frantic trying to grab what they could, I had never seen anything like it! We went straight to the meat section which was totally empty.  The fruit section was hardly anything left, we just got what we could.  We even bought caviar just because there wasn’t much else to buy, we made jokes on how we were the posh quarantine people smile-big.png

Then the first few days was just watching the news, listening to people talk about different conspiracy’s, what the government did wrong and just trying to get used to the new norm! These were the worst days because it was just such a step into the unknown.  How long would it last?  what will happen?  how will we recover from this?  I started to panic thinking our life and the whole world is being controlled by this virus and there is literally nothing we can do but just sit and wait! I had daily panic attacks where I just had to focus on my breathing and take time to myself.  I had spent the last two years working on myself to get to the bottom of my anxiety.  I pushed myself to try things that made me uncomfortable, listening to hypnosis audio, anything and everything I could to beat it.  I celebrated every victory, simple things like taking something back to the shop which usually I would find difficult and avoid.  Basically I would avoid doing a lot of things because I was convinced I just couldn’t do it, things that were normal to everyone else!  Over the last few months I was finally in a good place.  Then with this coronavirus and quarantine I got worried that it would set me back.  What if by the time this was all over I was even worse and couldn’t leave the house.  

I had written a book before to talk about all the tricks I had learnt that had helped me.  So I decided to start implementing all those things daily to help me get used to this new norm!  I exercised everyday, only allowed myself to think positive thoughts.  I would listen to my hypnosis audio (they were what I got with the Paul McKenna books I had bought and work really well for me).  I stopped watching the news because I thought we get to hear whats going on from other people anyway so there is no point drowning in it when all it does is make me worry more.  

So I got myself in a new routine which having routine is a good thing to have.  I also found an old notebook with another idea I had for a new book.  I thought perfect, now I have something constructive to do.  I actually wrote it in a week thanks to quarantine.  It is all about the things I have learnt over the years about keeping a positive mindset to reach success.  It includes things like gratitude, vision boards, letting go of the past, self-esteem, not worrying what other people think and much more.  All the books I write are very straight talking and straight to the point.  

It really gave me my motivation back and inspired me to get back on track with helping others have a positive mindset.  I started making videos again for my YouTube.  I also got back to writing on my other blog which is a beauty blog and I just got a new focus in life rather than just sitting home and waiting for life to get back to normal!  

I still occasionally think to myself will we ever get back to normal?  Will we have to get used to talking to others behind a screen of glass.  Can we ever just go for a stroll around the shopping centre or go for dinner as normal?  However, now I choose to just let the thought be and let it go.  Just take one day at a time.  I choose to focus on a positive future.  

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I hope you are all staying safe in this difficult time and hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel! love.png