Guest Blogger Feature… The Magnificent Elke Ulrike Weigel


IAM delighted to introduce you all to my Divine friend in todays Guest Blogger Feature… The Magnificent Elke Ulrike Weigel. Elke lives withs her husband in Germany, living each day passionately from the heart, being true to All of herself, Body, Mind & Soul.


Elke has always loved reading fairy tales… happy endings… she now remembers she naturally and warm heartedly brings into being. She allows herself to play quite magically in life, especially in nature who inspires her to paint intuitively the beautiful vibrancy she senses and journals about on her blog.


Elke just loves the thought of her own magical flow watering the seeds of fellow hearts who are all coming into their own blossom time now.


You can sense in her intuitive art how her soul-joy expresses her perception of nature’s beauty and joie de vivre and it is her soul-joy that she offers as inspiration for us all to connect with our own soul-joy.


Elke encourages us to ¨Look at the pictures. Just stay quiet with it. Let them touch your senses. They carry energy and offer it to you: The pictures do not have titles, so you can choose with your pure heart-feeling. What inspires you and your soul-joy? AND this is why you will find in my shop “something beautiful and inspiring for you” ♥Soul Joy Pictures



Elke shares her Magical NewEarth Story with YOU…


At some point, around the year 2000, I stood right here, on the blue planet Earth, on my balcony and prayed urgent and wholeheartedly into the starry sky: “Help me that my soul can find its true destiny!”. Since 1992, I went through many intense years of upheaval and excitement, which finally was the beginning of my Awakening and my journey to my “true inner source”.


Today I can trust: I AM human AND divine creator and a very long journey will come to its completeness in this lifetime of mine on the beautiful planet Earth. 


It took me many years on this earth to finally let go of the usual “struggle to survive”. It was not always easy, because everything in me called me to fight as soon as a challenge appeared in my everyday life.


But in a time of transition there, I, the HUMAN also then experienced that it got easier with time. A problem occurred, something called me to fight as usual – and I first had to learn to stop, breathe and allow during a “loving pause”: ALLOW.


ALLOW what I was feeling now AND
… what I liked to feel.
… what I didn’t like to feel at all
… what scared me.
… what gave me pain.
… that I had to be first in my life.
… that I couldn’t make a mistake (only experiences)
… that I had the decision and responsibility in my life alone.


TO ALLOW myself to sink into my own divine creator hands: With every step on this beautiful earth that I loved so much.


AND I already experienced the first magical sparks during this time of transition. Changes occurred. Problems changed themself or became resolved, or the results unexpectedly changed. It also helped my mental mind to calm down and a source of deep TRUST became available to me.


Magic moments have always been there, but I had forgotten how to perceive them for a while after my childhood. Instead, I marched for a long time with armour and helmet and was prepared to fight. I had become such an experienced combat pioneer! So it took some time for all the armour, helmets, walls and combat tools to be put down: from every part in me, from ALL that I AM.


AND while I walked normally through a daily life with work and family.


So while I have learned many lifetimes to fight and survive in everyday life on the old earth, this is no longer necessary at all on my New Earth!


NOW I AM. I AM HERE – on my New Earth.


The air is pure and clear. The sun is warm and pleasant. It rains when the earth needs rain: Soft, gently and in the right amount. I can visit or feel any climate if I choose it.


The flora is lush and varied and she can feel, what colors, shades and scents would serve me particularly well on every day that I enjoy walking through them, and then it presents itself to me in exactly the same way. She serves me the fruits, roots and berries that are just right today and the tastiest for me. We exchange information harmoniously.


The animal world is diverse and cheerful and lives harmoniously with us humans who have chosen the New Earth. The behavior of feeding on other animals or killing them has meanwhile come to an end in the animal world. Likewise, we humans of the New Earth have let go of feeding on animals. It changed completely natural and without any force.


On some days when I hike through nature, I meet beautiful, trusting, wild animals. We may greet each other quietly and just walk past each other. Another time we sit together in peaceful harmony and exchange ideas without words. Some animals like it to be touched by me, they then signal it – others do not want it. I respect it. Some of them give me their gifts: berries, fruits or eggs for consumption. 


We also meet in front of my house – the animals sometimes flock around me when I sit outside and paint rainbow pictures or design something in other ways. They inspire me as I can inspire them.


Where and how I live, I can scoop here very quickly and easily. So I imagined my beautiful house on a gentle, lush green slope with a wide view of a nearby large lake. When I sit on my large, all-round terrace, I can hear the lapping of the waves on the lake in the wind.


If I want to live somewhere else, I can imagine the whole house in a different place, for example by the sea I love so much with a white beach – or create a completely new house. The possibilities are endless – they have always been – but here, on the New Earth, I can consciously design and experience everything in my capacity as a divine person.


It gives me great pleasure to furnish and design the living space for myself, which is why I allowed this creation to grow slower so that I could lend a hand myself. It was possible to have the house built within a day. It is much easier and faster to manifest your own creations than on the old earth. But “slow enough” to savour the experience and be able to observe it well. I made the fabrics and furniture and decoration myself with a lot of love and enjoyment. I love being creative and creating beautiful pieces.


I have brought my love for the rainbow colours and the beauty of nature with me and can live and unfold it all here on the New Earth with incredible beauty and variety. Every day brings me a wealth of opportunities and potential and I love to surprise and expand again and again. My natural creativity can spray here unexpectedly!


I experience and research, and now experience every day and every experience with ALL senses that I AM. These are enormously more senses than I could have ever imagined on the old earth. BEING energy and experiencing consciously how I can design and create and observing it is an immense pleasure for me!


The best thing about it, however, is: I can do all of this completely free of restricting fears, worries and pain! In my past lifetimes I have lived through these difficult experiences and feelings to the point of excess and I AM now completely free to only jump into such experiences if I feel like a bit of life’s thrill.


The New Earth allows everyone who has chosen it to freely shape their experience of the New Earth. This is basically the same on the old earth, but everyone who lives there agreed to forget completely for first, that he is the creator of his own reality. On the New Earth the divine man is aware of it and so there are centres where we can meet and share and exchange our multi-faceted experiences. We also like to celebrate together.


We exchange silently the vibrating energy communication, but if anyone is interested, we use language because it sounds so nice and melodic, enjoying the slower creating of expression. Everyone immerses themselves in each other’s experiences while sharing them and alternatively use them to shape their own world of experience.


We inspire each other with complete acceptance and honour. We also work together and exchange with joy and clarity, things, goods and creations, which everyone can do best and really loves to do.



In these centers, which house a kind of large energetic library, interested people can meet and gather their experiences from the local energy library or arrange joint experiences. If someone chooses to experience worry, fear, or pain, they can do so. In this case, he deliberately delves into this experience, lives through it, emerging from it at any time they want to leave. Nobody gets stuck in painful permanent loops as this is no longer possible on the New Earth.


Nevertheless, every divine person can live through all diverse and deep experiences. (If you are wondering why someone wants to experience pain, fear or worry voluntarily: There are many souls who have never been incarnated in a human body. On the New Earth one can live through all experiences of the human spectrum. It is no longer necessary to immerse yourself in heavy energies with complete forgetfulness.)


Everyone on the New Earth is completely sovereign and lives in his own creation – and yet nobody ever feels alone or lonely (unless he chooses for it himself in the experience centre). Love is unconditional and possessive love no longer exists (unless someone has chosen to experience this for themselves in the experience centre).


I AM ALL THAT I AM: If I want to travel to other wonderful places on Earth, I can get there instantly by mere choice or slower using the gentle means of transportation of the New Earth. The advantage of this is, I am able to walk there in several sections and can gain a lot of intensive experience on the way. AND I, the HUMAN, love to have experiences, and I, the divine SOUL, love to draw wisdom from it.


On my New Earth, I can easily travel to any area that I AM as a multidimensional being. I am now experiencing an extensive, beautiful, multifaceted, lush LIFE that I as a person on the old earth could never have imagined.


In the transition to my New Earth.


It was not ME, the HUMAN, who was responsible for Awakening and Realising, but a natural process unfolded through the WISDOM of my SOUL, who I AM. In this respect, it was not the human and in no way my mental mind that was able to shape and experience my New Earth, it all came from the WISDOM of my SOUL, who I AM. When I look back now, I know that TRUST was essential.


I, the brave, brave, experience-loving HUMAN had “only” the job to ALLOW from a certain point. And as soon as I agreed, it sped up the natural process.


The natural process of Awakening and Realisation is a very personal and individual.


One uses many lifetimes for this – the other opens his eyes in the morning and everything is done.


So it took my own TRUST. TRUST in my own inner magic, my own divine nature and my deep inner feeling. Sometimes it was as if I was blindfolded and groping my way through a forest. Another time, as if I came to a canyon with my eyes open – and something told me: Go on. The path is created when walking. And as I walked, a new bridge was created with every step. Or it turned out that the bridge was there, but invisible to me and I felt it by putting one foot in front of the other.


So NO: There was no instruction manual or visible path of 25 stations that led to my New Earth or would have been visible to me (and certainly not to my mental mind).


I lived an extensive period of transition on the old earth and was able to experience how my New Earth magically unfolded from exactly where I was:


On some days it sparkled and flowed around me – on other days nothing seemed to happen. By the way, that often frustrated my mental mind. He had already had some magical experiences – and had started to get used to it (he used to freak out and wanted to question everything) – and then he tried for a while to repeat it and to call up the events at the push of a button. When that didn’t work, he complied and began to learn again: “The great change” could only happen – by ALLOWING and TRUSTING:


ALLOW my true nature – the divine human. TRUST that everything will unfold for my benefit – no matter how it looked at that moment.


My mind was often able to attend as a guest on the fence and could start to adapt, but it also missed many crucial moments because he was not able to interprete some things. Only when it began to unfold in everyday life he could recognize it. And yes, that needed a lot of TRUST, because the mental mind and the emotions, that he used, caused me a lot of turbulence on some days.


But I had finally accepted that I AM ALL, THAT I AM – and therefore the mental mind (which is rejected in many spiritual teachings) is a valuable tool and changes when it comes into contact with my divine soul wisdom. Through: ALLOWING.


I, the divine HUMAN, walked right through the middle of my well-known, eventful, challenging everyday life, and imagined and wished for what I liked. As a child I was able to play in my own worlds. Now I learned again to use my imagination with all my senses. I also perceived when there were doubts and fears and also allowed them in the inner space that I AM and ALLOWED ALL THAT I AM.


I ALLOWED my divine I AM to fill the room and then I let go so I could sink into his permission. It was like an important everyday exercise for a while: BEING, BREATHING, FEELING and ALLOWING. Accepting anger, fear, worry, judgment and failure was usually not so easy for me. I wanted so much to be and live the free, unencumbered, fear-free, sovereign being that WHAT I AM IN TRUTH and in many moments I could touch it like a facet. But natural development has its very own, timeless pace and moves ALL I WAS into ALL, WHAT I AM.


As children, we loved opening the fresh poppy flower buds and unfolding the crumpled petals. This did not cause the poppy to bloom faster. On the contrary – it often completely destroyed the flower. I got the comforting inner hint that I cannot destroy my own blossoming, even if I still impatiently pluck on my folded leaves. It remains unaffected. My leaves open up through my divine being when the time comes. Point. And then I KNOW. Point.


NOW at the moment, on the old earth, which is undergoing magical change.


The real magic of life itself unfolds beyond my mental mind. And I often experience them as innocent, pure and clear in very simple situations. I like to describe what I perceive as the “joy of my soul”. It cannot be explained and described in any particular way, but can simply be shared via energy. And every divine person chooses whether he wants to be inspired by it.


When I paint my rainbow pictures or meet the flowers and plants and animals in the beautiful nature of our earth or when I am celebrating a “Loving Pause” with myself in my quiet time, the “joy of my soul” and its magic flow is more noticeably for me. I share them with others in the form of my pictures, photos, cards and word creations. I call all my creations  “pictures of soul’s joy”. Cordially♥, Elke Ulrike


Please follow the link to read Elke’s original German version of her story Magical NewEarth.



Elke’s Biography…


IAM Elke Ulrike Weigel, born in 1969, married with no children.


I worked part-time in a bank for over 30 years, but since 2014 I work as a software trainer in adult education that is so much more satisfying than working as a financial advisor.


With the serious illness and subsequent death of my father in 1993, the opening to my Awakening began. After many years immersing myself in various spiritual teachings and following rituals, formulas and rules, (also very helpful) I came to the conclusion that my spirituality is simply completely natural. LIVING that now in everyday life is probably my main task.


Spirit – our divine spark – is contained in everything that exists, which is why our sparkle can also be experienced in very simple everyday situations.


In my blog, I mainly tell stories from my everyday life and my own personal experience. So I can express my emotional levels in words and simply offer them for sharing.


Whenever there is a thunderstorm and the rainbow appears in the sky, I still get ecstatic about it, like as a child: I love the colors of the rainbow, which is why I chose to paint mainly in strong rainbow colors.


When painting, I follow my inner impulses and presumably I like to use the sparkling elements (hologram glitter, gold and crystal stones) because they also find their correspondence in nature: in the sparkle of water drops, in sunlight and in our inner divine spark.


Even as a child, I loved to travel in the forest and meadow “playing as an Native American Indian” – and today I find it easiest to ground myself and relax in the great outdoors.


All my intuitive art invites you to discover how I perceive beauty and joie de vivre in our nature. In the outer nature of Mother Earth and our inner nature. Everything is formed from energy and vibrates: we come into contact. We can touch and inspire. With and without words.

Cordially♥, Elke Ulrike


Please follow the link to read Elke’s original German version of her BIO.



Elke’s Creations…


Elke shares her discovery of her beautiful nature with you through her paintings and pause cards… inspiring you to connect and enjoy your own Divine Sparkle within.


Take a look at Elke’s Etsy Shop and be inspired…. ElkeUlrikeRegenbogen


Connect with Elke…


Website: ElkeUlrikeWeigel


Blog: ElkeUlrikeWeigel
Elke has 4 categories she writes about in German, it’s easy to copy/paste a post into google translate and read about her life in English. Here is a PDF of one of her latest musings I’ve copied for you.


Pinterest:      ElkeUlrikeWeigel


Facebook: ElkeUlrikeWeigel


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