My view on life

This is by way of an introduction.

I’ve been associated with Estepona for 50 years.

My Sister, who is 20 years my senior, bought a flat in El Cid on 1966, and I visited with my parents at the age of 10 and felt completely at home straight away.

Later my parents bought a place on the seafront which was sold when my Mother was killed in a car accident in San Pedro.

There was a stage when I was married to my first husband when we went to Puerto Banus, to his Father’s villa. But it was too flashy for me and when we divorced, that option went with him.

Some years later I booked a holiday for my family to go to Nerja and made my Husband drive to Estepona because I really missed it.

He says that he knew when he took me there that I would want my own place, and he was right! 

It took a bit longer than I wanted, but we bought a 1st line large 1 bed flat which was great for hols, but it’s was no good for living in, and anyway we had to ‘book’ it ourselves as it was always let out.

Last year at the age of 60, we sold the flat and bought ourselves a 2 bed bungalow in Valle Romano with a pool, and apart from the fact that the roof needs doing, the pool house is slipping, it’s flooded twice and it’s cold in winter is fabulous!

We are now considering moving the cat over – which is akin to marking our territory permanently! 

So it’s taken 50 years.

Estepona has changed from the mud roads full of mulos and burros. From the time when we had power cuts all the time and had to shout down to Antonio ‘aqua por favor Antonio’ to get a bath full of brown water.

It’s sprawling and modern, and the last of the shops I remember from that time closed recently, but it still makes me smile when I’m there, which I shall be next week.