My Wish for YOU this Christmas Time & New Year 2021


To feel Joyful, Loved & Peaceful is my wish for you this christ-mas time and New Year 2021, for you to wake up each morning with joy, love and peace in your heart that guides you into experiencing a most magnificent, creative and magical life with loved ones around.


We all find ourselves in another holiday season, quite a different one where many find themselves alone and possibly unwell. But no matter our circumstances let us all celebrate the love, joy and peace that is inherently within ourselves and take this time to relax, pamper ourselves and reflect on our past, our present feelings and look into how we want to experience our future present moments of beauty, creativity and magic in community with others.


We may gain insights into what we need to change, old ways of victimhood or beliefs in lack that have no place anymore, as we are bringing in new sensational and magical moments of harmony to experience together.


Remember the feelings you had when you were a child? Those feelings of joy, abundance and magic especially felt during this holiday season? As children we hadn’t yet covered up our natural state of innocence, magnificence and joyful being, by layers of conditioning and programming.


This feeling actually never disappeared, it stays with us until we are ready to feel it again, when we are done with our experience of duality and especially that of fear. Fear that is used to promote our conditioning and programming. We will feel it when we are ready to understand this is who we truly are… this deep and embracing feeling of being love, joy and peace.



The stage has been set, the Cosmos and Earth is alive with a high vibration of light, teasing us into opening up and uncovering our true magnificence. It’s a perfect time for each to intend to tune into our natural state of being love, joy and peace, no matter what, and allow ourselves to become more aware of our fears, the untruths told about our Human survival and lack, which have conditioned and programmed us to follow a dumbed down version of ourselves, of society and our world.


It’s time to rise now to declare the Sovereignty and Freedom we were all born to own and live a most wonderful life in harmony together.


Wishing you all great celebrations this holiday time and into the New Year, whether alone or with loved ones.



I feel its quite appropriate to copy below my latest live video with introductory text, which I made with Divine friends on the 21st December, recording our celebration of the Age of Aquarius as our Sovereign and Free selves. Enjoy.


21st Dec Celebration… Welcoming in The Age of Aquarius




IAM Barbara, a passionate writer, artist and advocate of consciousness, sharing through my books, classes and weekly blog and live videos, my awakening or ascension journey. My true and quite magical experience moving from a world of fear, victimhood and lack to one of love, unity and abundance.


The weekend of 21st December 2020, was a very special linear time and opportunity for the whole of the Human collective to begin to awaken to the truth of our Human experience of duality and who each truly is. All the stars and planets are lined up now, like we’ve never known before and offer everyone the chance to open their heart and receive their true sovereign and divine light.


For the past 33 years, since the Harmonic Convergence in the late 80’s, many hearts have been on a most personal awakening or ascension journey, working with our inner most selves, the Earth and the Cosmos, in preparation for this Now Moment… to raise the vibration of Earth and all Humanity.


It has been, and will continue to be a period of time, of our Solar system cycling through a galactic photon belt of immense electromagnetic radiation… Intense pure light that makes it possible to change and transmute the entire magnetics and structure of our carbon based Earth and the Human Body/Mind to one of crystalline. All with the intention of returning Earth and Humanity to their true higher multi-dimensional state of being with the added ingredient of our Human passion and wisdom we have all gained after a long and hard experience of duality!  


We can look at this most natural transformation as an organic compression of Earth and all Humanity. Squeezing out everything that isn’t aligned with pure love.  


We are crushing the darkness, all fear and belief in lack, and as more people stand up and choose for themself, choose love, sovereignty and freedom… we as a collective will eventually flip ourselves… quantum jump… out of the physical matrix of fear, greed and domination allowing the physical manifestation of NewEarth, a world of unity, harmony and community to come in and play with us… oh so magically!


We can also see our matrix reality now, as a house of cards we all built together and requires everyones participation or energy to stand firm. When enough people take back their energy and power, it will collapse. When we drop our role as victims, of needing another and obeying the aggressor… there will be no roles to play anymore and it will collapse!


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living




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