On meditation

“Meditation and BODY”.

What does body have to do with meditation? Is not meditation something transcendental, spiritual and beyond the banalities of matter? Actually meditation and physical body are inseparably connected. Your body is always present in the here and now, contrary to your thoughts which are always jumping between the past and the future. If you want to get back to the presence, pay attention to your body-this fabulous organization of trillions of cells. It is your servant, it has been working for you all your life, protecting you, doing all the “boring” stuff you don’t have time to think about. Who is beating your heart, who is growing your hair, who is digesting your food changing hamburgers into brain cells? If you are a woman, who has helped you to give birth to your children? Was it that medical book from the shelf or simply your body knew it by itself? So please start paying attention to your body, start trusting its wisdom, start listening to it. This will take you close to MEDITATION.