On Meditation

What is your mind full of? If you pay attention you will find out that it is full aff thoughts and stories about your past and future. There is nothing wrong about it until you realize that they are there even when you don’t want them to be there and you don’t know how to stop this stream of thoughts, it is beyond your control. You can fill your mind up also with stories (funny,romantic or scary)supplied by TV or some other devices. These stories will replace your private thoughts with something pleasant or entertaining. If it is not sufficiently entertaining you will change a channel or you will hunt for something else to fill up you rmind with. There are seducing and tempting offers wherever you turn, you name it-you know it. But how long and how far can you run or hunt? In the end you will come to your private mental vortex of repetitive thoughts. So is there another way to change this habitual attachment to this inner-talk? Yes, there is. LEARN MEDITATION