On Mindfulness

Meditation is a meeting with your-self. It is actually a very constructive meeting and a very different from the habitual one. At this meeting you are not going to listen to a stream of thoughts about the future and the past, the thoughts that you already know by heart so well; after all you have been repeating them for years now. No, this time you are going to listen and pay attention to the true you, as you are, without any judgment or corrections. Meditation is a place where you can finally admit to your-self your real feelings, your real fears and true desires without explaining, justifying or suppressing them. After all there is only one person who is going to hear all this: you. So for once you can admit and accept all this without consequences. We are not used to allowing ourselves so much honesty and free speech; we are not trained to be so accepting and loving to ourselves. But it is really wonderful to be able to do it sometimes in a safe environment, without suppressing it or taking it out on others. Meditation is a place and a process that allows it. Meditation is this safe and accepting dome where you can do it. LEARN MEDITATION