On Mindfulness

Meditation is about feeling and allowing these feelings to be as they are even if they are uncomfortable. But we don’t like discomfort and we turn to our intelligent mind for remedies to remove this poking feeling away. Sometimes we spend decades hoping that the mind, science or reasoning will take away that unpleasant feeling. Sometimes we put a layer of fat around our body to isolate us from that discomfort. Sometimes we push our bodies to extremity in sports and trainig not to feel that discomfort or we even get into addictions that can do the trick. But the bloody feeling is still here. Wouldn’t it be much easier to go directly to that feeling, to feel it and to ask it why it is here. There is a way to do it with possibly little discomfort by using meditation as a tool. In meditation one can create a space, an environment of safety, compassion, acceptance and peace and in this environment that supressed feeling can come out easily, say what is has to say and simply go away without hurting anybody. Maybe it is worth to learn this technique. LEARN MEDITATION.