On Mindfulness

” A brain without a body could not think” M. Feldenkrais

Our brain steals all the attention. If you pay any attention to a body it is always through the thinking mind; it tells you how to treat the body, how to tame it and control it. It is able to justify, hide and explain any abuse of the body. The mind has got all the authority, the body none. Still the body is protecting you constantly, carring out all the important functions; using air, water and food to keep you alive, changing these simple products into most complicated cells and organs. You don’t need to instruct your body how to change a hamburger into nerve-cells. Still you are in awe for the brain, and in disdain for the body.

I simply would like to redirect your attention for 5, 10 minutes a day towards the body, listen to it without correcting it and judging it; accept it as it is. It may give you an answer to a question which your mind hasn’t been able to answer these 20 years. The state of listening is called MEDITATION