On Mindfulness

New Year Resolutions: a list of tasks to achieve and fulfill in the New Year. The promisses of our resolutions are beautiful, lofty and noble. The expectations are great. But on the way to their fulfillment we miss something and we quite often arrive at the next New Year with the same list of the same resolutions. So what happens, where do we lose our course?

The discrepancy between an idea and its execution lies often in broken communication between our own mind and our own body. The talking mind is talking constantly to itself, creating new stories or repeating the old ones, but it seldom comes out of its own field. It is talking in a language that the body doesn’t understand. So here we are: the mind is giving orders in Chinese and the body is understanding only Swahili. How much of real contact and cooperation can come our of this? The solution seems to be obvious and easy; let the mind learn the language the body is using. Listen to the body, consult it, appreciate it and it will allow you to put to being your ideas and your resolutions. Where and how can we learn this language since it is not the language of intellect? You probably guess the answer; yes by learning meditation. LEARN MINDFULNESS MEDITATION, the rest will follow.