On Mindfulness

Meditation is simple. But even simple things need to be learned and exercised before they become easy. And a simple thing can seem impossible if we don’t know how to do it.

Learning meditation is about learning by doing. It is an experiential knowledge, not theoretical. It involves action of redirecting your focus from thinking to sensing, from following your thoughts to following sensations in your body in the present moment. It can seem impossible at first, but with a bit of willingness and curiosity it will move from difficult to possible; and if you practice a bit more it will become easy and then pleasant.

When it is pleasant you don’t need to use discipline, will-power or any struggle to continue. It will become a cherished part of your life, a routine that is not a chore but a ritual. It will enrich and expand your life. You will find in it so wanted peace, quiet mind and unconditional acceptance. Learn meditation.