On Mindfulness

How to solve a problem? Usually we engage our intelligence to do that. We use our knowledge and sometimes other people knowledge to approach the problem. This accumulated knowledge comes always from the past. But sometimes it is not enough. We are left with our mind spinning with thoughts without getting any help from it. We all know this state of mental vortex, a spiral of thoughts that leads to nowhere. (“My mind is driving me crazy.”)

So I would like to suggest a different way of approaching a problem. It is a very unorthodox way, very incredulous to majority of people; still those who use this way can vouch for it. How about asking for help your own body and not the mind? The body is an energy system, receiving constantly information from the environment. The amount of this information is enormous, and it is being selected, assessed and filtered so that only a small part is being noticed and considered by the thoughts. So how about dropping the thinking and turning directly to the experience of the body, the sensing and feeling what is in the present moment, in the here and now.

This state of being with the body, listening to the motion of energy in your body without involving the intelligent mind, without assessing and judging is called meditation. It creates a space, peace and clarity that may help finding an answer to the problem. LEARN MEDITATION.