On Mindfulness

Meditation moves away from words, language and thinking mind. And here in this blog I use words appealing to your thinking mind trying to convince you about qualities of meditation. How weird is this?

It is like telling a VIP that he is no longer so Very Important. No VIP likes to be in such an awkward   situation, so he will do anything, any trick and maneuver to keep his position. It is not surprising that it takes some effort and struggle to take this dominating position from our thinking VIP.

But human being is much more than only thinking; it is vast and complex.  

Meditation helps to regain the proper dynamic of that complexity allowing to choose between thinking and non-thinking adequately.  

Meditation is experiential; it means you need to do it to understand what it is. One can’t learn it by only reading about it. I often compare meditation to activities like swimming, biking or even walking. You will never learn swimming or biking by only reading about it. It won’t do. Neither will it in the case of meditation.

So instead of thinking experience the presence: feel gravity of your body, your feet on the floor, weight of your hands, and a sensation of the breeze on your cheeks, the scent of air, a breath. Be aware of what is in the here and now; meditate and it will open a door to vastness of your being.