On Mindfulness

The news are full of blood, war and disasters. Facebook and other social media are full of benevolent preaching, slogans and statements about positive thinking and goodness. This idea of thinking positively is getting on my nervs. How much can I suppress “negative” thoughts and “negative” feelings? Does it really help to avoid thinking and feeling things marked as negative and desperately try to find some positive dressing? Obviously it does not; if it had we would live in a different world. So I suggest different attitude to “negative”. What we usually do to the “negative” is to suppress it or to act on it in a way to protect us from the discomfort of feeling it. Instead there is the third way and the third way is not a solution. It can lead to a solution or not. My suggestion is to look at the “negative” without any intention of fixing it in any way. Approach it with curiosity and interests asking simply: What are you?, What is your purpose in my life?and then LISTEN. Listen without any judgment, without any intention of remedy and solution, allow it to be here if only for a short moment. In that way you create a safe space for this energy and allow it to communicate to you what it wants to communicate. You need to create a safe environment for this activity of listening with openness. And this environment and activity is called meditation. LEARN MEDITATION