On Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about connecting to the present. My physical body is always present and it is enough if I pay attention to this presence of my body; to what I see and feel and sense just now.

The modern person is quite often disconnected from the body, being glued to a virtual life of imagination and for the most part to an imagination of somebody else. The virtual world is being presented to us constantly, the never-ending stream of pictures, stories and sounds created somewhere by somebody in different time and space, not here and not now. 

The overload of good and bad stories, seducing or scaring pictures, energizing or pacifying music – all this takes me away from the now and the here, and it can entertain and inform me but it also drives me crazy.

So to stay sane and connected I practice mindfulness. I redirect my attention towards that what I can taste, smell and touch now; I connect to the kinesthetic sense of my body; I feel that I am alive. I experience my existence now. It is so simple just to be. I AM