On Mindfulness

Why meditate? What is it good for? What can it give me beyond some minutes of calmness?

I can actually relax in various ways not necessarily by sitting still avoiding thinking.


Feeling of calmness and fascinating state of non-thinking are only by-products of meditation.

The only aim of meditation is to be present with what is in the here and now.

In a rush of a day how present are we; how much of what is going around us do we really notice?  How much of our environment do we really pay attention to?

We are being absorbed in thoughts because thinking is a way of looking for answers to our challenges and problems.

But thinking narrows our view into a specific tunnel, specific direction blindfolding the environment and taking us to the imaginary past or future. What if the answer we are looking for is just here in the present and we simply don’t see it because we are not interested in it? Or maybe we don’t see it because we have been trained to look somewhere else, not here.

Meditation helps to see the present. It expands our consciousness. It allows to see the bigger picture, to sense information disregarded and ignored by thinking; the information that can be the answer to our questions and the solution to problems. Meditation changes our perspective, opens the vista; it gives clarity and understanding beyond thinking. I love meditation.