On Mindfulness

“To be or not to be?” is this really “the question”? I believe that it is rather “How to be happy?” question. And when we are that we don’t bother about being or not being, the answer becomes obvious. Yes, happiness-that’s what we want in life. The right to pursuit happiness is even written into the US Constitution.

There is this idea that happiness needs to be hunted, looked for and worked for. It can be gained by luck, but usually it is rather hard work that should bring it. It is almost always somewhere in the future or in the past. Why not now? Why can’t we be happy just now just here? Well, with all the wars, crazy politicians, climate changes, children abuse and cruelty towards animals; can one be happy? Can one allow oneself to feel happy when the world around is freaking out? That is another question? Can I allow myself to be happy, to feel happy when the outside circumstances are far from being perfect? And the answer to this question is filled with bad conscious and unwillingness to feel happy.

Happiness is a feeling; it is an inner state and is individual and subjective. The same circumstances can cause happiness in one person and despair in another. So how about an idea that happiness is unconnected to circumstances, that it is the inner feeling, inner state and even the inner power that can actually change circumstances. Happiness is within you and from there it shines, it is not influenced by circumstances, it is independent and inherent. To see it you need to change direction of you attention. How? -By being mindful of your own thoughts, feelings and sensations.-By being aware. Meditation is the best way of starting this move.