Words of Empowerment… from Steven

So much Potential is the title of Steven’s latest blog post that my friend Dana led me too after mentioning him in her beautiful and thoughtful post Being.

BEING to me is experiencing the aliveness of your spirit within your Body & Mind. It is what inspires you to experience and embrace every moment with love, joy and excitement… no matter your circumstances. Unfortunately too many of us are disconnected from this most natural part of ourselves as we continue to believe we are separate from our spiritual authentic power.

I was looking at how I could help inspire my mum to tap into her own love, joy and excitement that she was temporarily missing and bring relief to her ‘feeling a little fed up’ with her situation. As always I brought myself to just what I needed… Today, it was Dana’s blog who inspired me not only to reply to her beautiful post but to flow on and read Steven’s post who inspired me further. Steven’s post resonated with my heart, I felt so happy to read his words of inspiration… no matter his circumstance he was showing everyone the potential and authentic power each person is. In my excitement I took one of my favourite sunset photos and copied some of Stevens inspiring words… to share with my mother and other people, who I just know need a little bit of encouragement at times.

It is in everyones best interest to remember our spirit within; our eternal light and love that is our natural state of being and all powerful. Since Humankind is no longer enslaved by the low vibration of fear on Earth; that has helped us experience the extremities of duality. We can now align and embrace our light that is awakening within (From the light that continues to bombard the Earth and All Humankind with a high vibrations of LOVE) and allow ourselves to focus on our heart and soul desires, imagine how we want to live in love, joy and freedom AND know that it will come to pass.

Much LOVE and GRATITUDE to both Dace and Steven.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

p.s. If you haven’t read Dana’s and Steven’s posts, I highly recommend you pop over, it’ll make your day x

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