Mountains and valleys, vineyards and orange groves, tiny towns in the hills. Low two-storey houses, whitewashed with chalk, with color inserts and louvered doors … The Costa del Sol, the coastal region of Andalusia is not the main facade of the country. Life here goes by slowly and steadily. People truly exist as if in another dimension, where the simple things keep their original meaning. They grow olives and grapes, brew beer and fish in the same way as their fathers and grandfathers did for hundreds of years. However, this uniformity of life brings no limitations, no boredom. Life here is like a calm sea, does the sea get bored? Nevertheless, the hour comes, when the women take out their bright dresses with ruffles and the gentle silence explodes with hoarse voices, the clicking of heels and passionate guitar rhythms. “Flamenco is unique, like a sudden storm” – say the locals.

On the coast, near the fishing villages, there are modern villas. The warm sea and good weather – the sun shines almost all year round – are attracting many people looking for a temporary or permanent home.

People from cooler climates happily settle in Andalusia. There are a lot of Germans, Britons and Scandinavians. Many of them consider Spain an ideal place to raise children. Everything you need for a comfortable life is at hand: shops, great hospitals, schools – Spanish, English, German, even Finnish and Swedish. High-speed trains enable you to get to any major city faster than by car. In this place, you do not have to choose between the benefits of civilization and closeness to nature. This is why people from so many different backgrounds can comfortably live here, and some of them probably will acquire a second home in this sunny place.

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