Our short film Inservibles (The Unusables) is finally on-line!

Dear fellow Costa women members,

Tonight I just wanted to share with you that my husband’s and my short film Inservibles (click link to go to our website) is finally available on-line (Sorry to say it is in Spanish, we will upload a version with English subtitles to Vimeo later this week). You can watch it here, on Filmin (a great Spanish initiative for VoD, btw). Please do have a look(rating and commenting is optional 😉 and let me know what you think. 

This is the synopsis of the story:

An old scrap merchant and a local boy cultivate a curious friendship. Every day the boy visits his friend, takes a seat in one of the unusable vehicles, and listens to the stories the old man tells. Stories about the remote places he visited, the adventures he lived, the people he met…

The stories are a surprising mixture of raw reality and unbridled fantasy. The man uses them to remember a better past, while they allow the boy to dream of a hopeful future.

One day the boy disappears, leaving the man plunged into depression. Without an audience to listen closely and be moved, he sees no reason to continue telling his stories.

Time has passed, every new day an exact replica of the one before. Boredom and gloom reign the solitary scrap merchant’s life.

The arrival of a postcard from a distant country brings back his joy. The man reads it avidly and decides to keep it in a place of honour: the windshield of the boy’s favourite car.

More postcards arrive. Algeria, Greece, India, China, Malaysia, Peru, Iceland… Each new card finds it’s place on this shrine dedicated to friendship and adventure. Each of them tells stories that remind us of the ones that the man used to tell the boy: stories about women at exotic Eastern ports, the mysteries of the seas, the inhabitants of remote villages…

Through these short stories, the old man keeps his spirit alive.

One morning, when the man goes to check the scrap yard’s mailbox for new mail, he finds the boy waiting at the gate. Time and hardship have left their marks on the boy’s face…


Thank you for sharing the excitement!