Patience: A Tool in the Midst of Anger

If you are hanging pictures in your study, you will need to know how to measure a straight line, perhaps how to calculate symmetrical distances from one object to another in order to situate the picture at dead center, and you’ll have to know how to use a hammer. If you are painting your bedroom wall, you will need to know how to edge the corners, prep the walls, and you’ll also – obviously – need to know how to handle a roller brush and the smaller one for more delicate areas. And if you’re mowing the grass, you’ll need to know how to use the particular lawn mower you happen to have.

Logical. But each example refers to tools that you need to know how to handle in order to get the job done. Handling anger also requires tools. One of them can be patience. Patience in the face of what just happened or was just said, and patience in the face of your knee-jerk reactions to that. If I suggest that you make use of patience for your angry outbursts and patience is not a tool you are accustomed to using, then it makes just as little sense for you to try to do it, as it does for me to try to fix the broken plumbing in my bathroom. I simply have no experience in such issues, and no idea how to use the appropriate tools.

However, if you practice patience in other areas of your life that might just be a bit easier than in moments of anger, such as:

  • being patient while waiting behind a very slow person in the bank, or at the supermarket check-out line
  • being patient while being stalled in heavy rush-hour traffic
  • being patient with a small child that is learning how to walk (that one’s easy … think about it! And apply those principles.)
  • being patient with someone to whom you are teaching a skill that they are unfamiliar with: trigonometry, carpentry, graphic design, poetry. etc.

Clearly by developing the ability to be patient in areas of your life that do not provoke a knee-jerk reaction on your part, but rather, perhaps, merely impatience, will help you develop the muscle of patience for when you really need it, as in moments of anger. You’ll never know how well it works unless you try.

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