Pet Protection For your Furry Friends


I would like to introduce you ta a great product – I have been using is on my dog Fenda and have noticed a difference between my two dogs.

Pet Protector really does work as it prevents the nasty little beasties from attaching themselves to our pets when they are out and about.  There is a scalar wave that is built up around your pet which repels the pests.

I have been using it on Fenda for a while and noticed that she is not scratching nor carrying in bugs in her fur.  On the other hand on checking the other dog which does not have pet protector we always find a tick or two which has attached itself during the walk.  Which is irritating for poor old Dylan.

I would recommend you have a look at this product and see if you would be wanting it for your pet.

I can get the discs for you. 

For me, the cost of 55€ for a 4 year parasite free – non toxic way to keep pets clear is a great price.

Because I shall be caring for 4 dogs I decided to go with this method of protection rather than spend hundreds of Euros per year looking after their pest products at 35€ a month for 4 dogs.

Makes much more  financial sense too that 220€ per four years is an easy comparison, against 1680. for the medication over the four year period.  That is for the four dogs over four years.

Also thebusiness opportunity makes sense too, because people are more concerned today than ever before about what they are doing to themselves as well as the environment and pets – so for me the option to share a great product – it is a single product which sells itself.