Praise for Summer Strategy Kit – ideal for busy Mums like me

Feeling guilty about not being as keen on school summer holidays as you think you should be?

Want to find a plan that suits everyone, especially you?

Need help facing up to altered routines?

No matter what age your children are, whether you are a working Mom or a stay-at-home Yummy Mummy, Project Me’s Summer Strategy Kit has some answers for you. Why? Because we are all busy and we are all Mums. Simple!

When my kids were younger I used to take unpaid leave to coincide with school vacations, which meant that the change in routine was softened by the novelty of being a stay-at-home Mum for a few weeks. Fast forward a few years and my 6 y/o and 10 y/o have different needs now plus my work situation is no longer as flexible. Even though we have a super English language day camp to send our children to, I have to admit that school holidays upset my routine and cause headaches. Not to mention the anxiety of fitting all our different likes and wishes into our dream holiday when we finally leave baking Madrid for cooler climes midway through the (interminable) 10 week long Spanish summer holidays.

I had just decided to be proactive about summertime 2016 when I came across Project Me’s Summer Strategy Kit. This is a set of downloadable worksheets that help plan and plot all aspects of summer from a Mum’s point of view. They are simple, straightforward, motivational and practical. This fantastic survival kit has been made available by Project Me’s founder, Kelly Pietrangeli on a pay-as-much-as-you-want basis.

Following the advice on the welcome sheet, I downloaded the whole set at once, printed them off and invested in a nice new ring binder to file them in. Soon afterwards I sat down and read through them all, finding to my relief that they produced the same feeling as when I read Gina Ford’s Contented Baby book as an expectant Mum. Yes! I can do this! There is a strategy I can set in place with only a little bit of effort and a small dose of flexibility. And, again on advice on the very first page, I discarded the one downloadable I knew would cause me more anxiety than gain.

Up to today (7th June) I have mapped out my Dream Summer, I’ve written my Summer Goals, I have an Action List (including moving house at the end of June – talk about timing!), I have thought about Me Time and I’ve even written the Best Version of Me. Now it is time to share the printables designed for my kids with the 10 y/o and 6 y/o in question. These worksheets will have them setting their own Chores, adhering to Rules, coming up with a Morning Routine, tracking their Screen Time and thinking of things to write on the Not Bored Board. Key to making this Summer Strategy work is going to be their embracing of these challenges. Come June – i.e. Wednesday of this week – the strategy will have a soft opening. It won’t be until school breaks up that the project will kick in in earnest and I promise to report back then.

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