Quantum Healing What’s that?

Quantum Healing – Quantum Singing? What do I really do ?
Well this is amazingly , beautifully Big Subject that is touching and opening parts of your Being that has not been open or understood by mind. Quantum energy is vibrating and waiting within our field of higher Self to bring this incredible knowledge into our mind and body about who we really are. And Who you really are is so amazing that your mind can not understand. That is why sound with coded information can touch this sensitive parts of your field of emotions and feelings and subconscious mind . That is why I surrender to Love and Light when I sing for you , then higher vibration through sound of my voice can touch you , activate your higher information that wants to serve you, love you , give you all you need in life. Because this is Love. Because You are Loved . Because You Are Love.
So feel it my Friends today by listening for moment to the sound of your breath. Sending Love Dorothea www.quantumsinger.com