Relaxation – Life‘s Elixir for Every Day

Constant stress leads to tension. You start feeling unwell, because disharmony manifests in thoughts and feelings, as well as in the body, in posture, and even in the organs.  Equilibrium, well-being and harmony, the basic prerequisites for life-energy and strength, are repressed.

Therefore you should take a few minutes (even a few seconds can make a difference) every day to totally relax yourself. No matter how brief the moment of relaxation is, it means to let go and let it happen. Through that a new orientation, a new order, and a new harmony is created, out of which you can draw the strength to master the tasks ahead of you.

These short moments of relaxation are like an elixir of life, always at our disposal, inexhaustibly and free of cost.

Deep Relaxation Through Sound

Far Eastern cosmology may be the explanation why singing bowl sounds are so pleasing to us.  They say all is made of sound, including men were created from sound, and as long as men is in harmony, men is healthy. Discordant sound on the other hand can make him sick.

Let us assume we are vibration. Wouldn‘t that explain the primordial trust we have in sound?  We find it easy to submerse ourselves in sound, and with this trust in sound we as well enjoy the singing bowl vibrations in our body. Our breath becomes quieter and deeper, as soon as we reach the so-called alpha-state. In this state of trust the wonderful effect of letting go takes place. Only in letting go, we can get rid of worries, problems, of tensions, blockages and more. In the alpha-state we can find a new harmony and healing and the subconscious mind receives new information and new impulses.

The Use of Sound for Relaxation

There are many ways and different techniques to relax. Since most of the relaxation exercises require a lot of effort, are difficult to learn, or are too labour intensive, people give up on them easily.

Relaxation through sound, on the other hand, is a particularly effective and easy method to learn. Because the singing bowls contain such a wide range of sounds, they speak to everybody; they are simple to use and invite you to experiment and to play.

For that purpose it is a good idea to have a singing bowl with your favourite sound nearby to you, for example a singing bowl on your desk or at your work-place can quickly restore your concentration!

as it will help you to pursue your work with higher energy and with new clarity!

Some people place a singing bowl at a special place in their living room, at a place they often pass. The bowl invites to be tapped and produces sound. IN this way the sound produces casually a relaxing, calming and strengthening effect.

For more Information on the Singing Bowls

Some of you might have a singing bowls already. For those of you who would like to experience a singing bowl and are interested in buying one contact me at or call me at 667 43 88 29. I have quality Tibetan singing bowls in different shapes and forms, with different sounds available for sale.

In addition I offer individual sound treatments as well as group work like sound meditations, and workshops on how to use singing bowls for yourself, with your partner, your children and friends.