Self Confidence

Why do so many people suffer from the lack of self confidence?

The truth is every one of us knows fear, insecurity and feelings of being small and inhibited intimately. It’s not just you who feels this, everyone feels this sometimes. We all know that everyone is totally naked underneath their clothes. In each new moment you can reinvent yourself.

I find the secret to success with this is all about being fierce with the ego. Being vigilantly aware of that negative fear based over controlling mindset that is addicted to desire. It is terrified of being honest and only knows the lie of separation from Universal Power or God. When you begin lifting the veil that it’s hiding behind and reveal your true naked liberated self, you find that the purpose of the ego is to liberate you and befriending it becomes the most self loving aspect of your day.

The ego is just this super tight outfit you’ve been wearing for so many lifetimes that you’ve forgot that you can take it off and be your real true God like self…natural and naked. Once you realize how good it feels to rip it off then it stops creating fear and it transforms into the most enlightening, fun and playful aspect of your day.

There is no good reason to hide in the painful place of lacking in confidence, there’s so much life to live! We all have to face death one final day, so you might as well find happiness and peace let the fears go and enjoy being the person you are.

Why play small, this is not a dress rehearsal this is your life now, this moment.. Yet, after you’ve just read this sentence you can no longer live in ignorance, unawareness and continue choosing smallness. Once you’re conscious of it, you have to let it go otherwise you’re making a self sabotaging choice. You cannot ignore the truth. You have to choose freedom from this moment on.

The reality is that anyone who knows you can sense when you’re hiding your greatness. They just may have so much compassion for you and fear of facing their own smallness that they don’t tell you when you’re doing it. Only a good friend will let you know, and say it in a way that you can hear it. Your job is to listen and respect others when they tell you that there is a deeper authenticity to be explored. They are Gods messengers and they are always right. There is always a deeper connection to the Universal Field of Power to be explored. It’s an infinitely deep well with many layers to pass through. The ironic thing is it gets lighter and lighter the further you dive into the deepest parts of it. Within your exploration of your deepest darkest fear and insecurity, you’ll find there is also your greatest lightness, joy and freedom.

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