Seven Habits of Highly Effective (Women) Expats

So you are taking the plunge and moving to Spain!  And before I get over excited about the fabulous country, wonderful environment, food, culture, wine etc. let’s take a minute for a reality check about working here with the assistance of Mr. Stephen Covey via Seven Habits of Highly Effective (Women) Expats!

Seek first to understand and then be understood:  Stephen Covey

The news is full of stories about the difficult Spanish economy, lack of work and Spanish leaving to work overseas.  Latest figures in Andalucía, where I am based, make worrying reading.  Setting up a business takes time, lots of effort and the payment of upfront fees.  Spanish Bureaucracy is one countrywide reason why people find living and working here difficult.  For a better understanding read Jennifer Riggins recent article “Why the Spanish can’t be entrepreneurs”.

The Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index 2013 report lists Spain as the 27th most favourable place to do business using the “3A’s” of development: entrepreneurial attitudes, aspirations, and activity. Download the executive report here

However… all is not lost!  There are some opportunities here that for the brave and the fearless (hey you are thinking of moving to a new country so that’s you!) to help you could make a future in Spain.

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Trusted Advisors

A small amount of money paid up front could save a big amount of money longer term!  Your first friend should be a Spanish Accountant, or Relocation Specialist who knows and understands the market and can help with any queries, or concerns you have.  Their advice at the beginning will be invaluable and could prevent a costly mistake in the future.  Who are you going to use?  Read on…. – See more at:

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