“The Art (and Magic) of Following Our Dreams”

When I was little, we lived in leafy Kew opposite the Botanical Gardens near London. ‘50s England was a time of innocence and unhurriedness.  Although the road we lived on was relatively quiet compared to now, it was classed as a ‘main’ road into London as perhaps one car would speed by at 40mph every minute or so.   There in our front garden, organizing my bears ready for a tea party, I would suddenly get the urge to go, just go – somewhere – anywhere.  So, with my favorite teddy under my arm, I would click open the gate and start walking, ever ready for adventure and the open road even then.

Many of us need some adventure in our lives, or a sense of it at least.  Maybe it starts when we are asked the question “And what do you want to be when you grow up?” though searching for an answer can lead us no further than previously explored territory.  I remember I wanted to be a part-time Vet and part-time Hairdresser; I stated this firmly aged about 5.  Without the benefit of the world-wide web, this was the extent of my wishful experience at that point; I loved animals and cutting my own and my dolls’ hair…

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