The Greatest Woman I Know

Strength can be defined in many ways. For instance, strength can be referred to as the power or courage to overcome certain obstacles. It can also be defined as the mental power to go through strenuous situations without breaking down. However, when I think of the word strength, I would best define it as “a woman.” To me, this is because a mother is the greatest epitome of strength in the entire universe. Strength is not bought or acquired; it is that natural courage that kicks in when we are faced with very difficult situations, yet we have to go though them with courage. It is a natural instinct that makes us keep going on and pushing for what we want even when we feel we are about to break down. My mother taught me the meaning of strength. She taught me that it takes a strong woman to be a mother and to love like one.

My earliest recollection of my mother is her feeding me. She has been my provider since I was in her womb. She had been carrying me tirelessly for nine months and putting up with nausea, stretch marks, and countless sleepless nights. She had never given up despite many times I had been spitting the food out and refusing to eat. She would cook for me every day; at that time I was too young to understand her motives, but now I know it was out of love. Day in, day out, she had been going through the same routine, sometimes forgetting to eat herself because she knew I needed to grow. Apart from food, she had also been providing me with shelter and other material things that I needed but could not get on my own. She has been like my guardian angel since conception because she wanted me to be the best essay master.

My mother is a fighter. She brought me up on her own. So many times I witnessed her struggle to make ends meet just to give my sister and me a better life. I have always wanted her to be proud of me. I could hear her cry on several occasions in the comfort of the bathroom, and then she would come out smiling to reassure us. I believe it took her a lot of strength to get through the days. She had been struggling with me since I was an infant: she had been getting me to sleep at her expense, crying over and comforting me when I was sad, and reassuring me when things were getting bad.

My mother is my hero and my trainer. I have seen her fighting so many battles for me. I have also seen her solving problems that seemed so big just so I could grow up into the person I am today. I remember the times she had to punish me to teach me a lesson so I could become a disciplined and upright individual, even though I knew it was so hurtful for her to see me cry. She had been struggling to get me through school over the years not because she had all the money in the world, but because she had a dream for me that she wanted to see come true. My mum trained me to be a noble person. She taught me the value of discipline and the importance of respect, honor, and trust. She taught me that I must have hope in life and I must have a dream to keep me going in the right direction.

My mother is always there when I need her. I know for a fact that my life would have been completely different if it would not be for her. From the day I was born, she had been there carrying for and protecting me from the harsh world that was waiting. With her love, she made sure no harm was coming my way. She had sacrificed her own freedom and life to raise me into the person I am today. I cannot recall a day in my life when I came to her, and she turned me away empty-handed. She made sure to give me the best part of her life, when she was young and the most energetic. Today, while she is older and less active, I feel like I have robbed her of her best years which she had dedicated to bringing me up. However, she always reminds me that a mother can do anything for her child because it is her purpose on earth.

Finally, my mother has proved to be my best friend and advisor. The best choices that I have made in my life may be attributed to her advice over the years. One thing I am always sure and confident about is that my mother always wants the best for me. Although our ideologies may at times clash, her advice has been a constant guide throughout my life and has influenced the formation of the person I am today.

To conclude, my mother is a strong woman. It does not refer to physical strength alone. Her small frame tends to fool many, but she has the heart of a great warrior. I have never seen her give up on me. Even when I was going through terrible phases of life she was there for me. She instilled good character in me, and she is the reason that I am in college now. She had been relentless to make sure I got the best out of life. Although her income was small, she had been taking me to the best schools and hospitals around, and she had always put my needs before hers. As I have grown up, watching her made me realize how much I want to be like her. It made me want to have her fighting spirit even when times are tough. It also made me appreciate all that she has ever done for me. Being a mother is a calling; my mother has embraced it wholeheartedly, and I have never had any doubt about her intentions. Any woman can conceive and give birth, but a few can become mothers because being a mother is a lifetime commitment.