The Law of Attraction and how to make it work.

When I make up in the morning I need a mirror to help me to see that I apply mascara correctly. I want it on my lushes and not on my nose. The mirror reflects my picture and all the changes happening to me. If I tried to put mascara on a reflected picture I would only make the mirror dirty. I would not change look of my eyes at all. I am not mistaking me for a picture of me.

This idea of reflecting things is used in The Law of Attraction that states that what appears in my life is a result of attracting the same what I think. It should be rather called The Law of Reflection because it supposed to reflect what I think.

The Law of Attraction is not a physical law, it is an inner law applied to the inner, subjective life of every person. What do we really want deep inside? I can answer for myself and I think also for others. We want to have our own version of fun and happiness. We want to enjoy ourselves. But life in some way doesn’t supply it. OK, so what if it is not about a supply but a reflection.

Allow the reflection of real you come to the being. Reflect and manifest the happiness you are.

Be aware of your inner life, make it fabulous and see it manifested. Be mindful of it.

If you would like to experience “The Law of Attraction” from point of mindfulness and inner reconciliation please come to my workshop on Sunday 5th June. You will find details in section “Events” on Costa Women site.