Changing the world for a better ever more

A higher state of being, to become, to adore

Conscious awareness guides you to reality

A vision of truth, with harmonious clarity

Time speeding up

The next level of our evolution

Become the change you want to see in the world

In Mahatma Gandhi’s wise words, you’ll find the solution

The Law of everything and the Power of Influence

IS The Law of Attractions missing link

Who or what you’re influenced by

Blossoms the thoughts that you think

For as a man thinketh, so he becomes with out doubt

Ask yourself this, what are you thinking about?

You’re trying to live the Law of Attraction

You’re having the thoughts, then taking the action

But it just doesn’t work; you’re not getting the gist

Do you want to know why?

There’s something you’ve missed!

Who or what you’re influenced by, is no coincidence

It’s the law of everything, and the power of influence

Self influence, the missing link, for your dreams to come true

You’re creating your life, life does not create you

Be consciously aware, be love, always in the moment of NOW

Tunnel your vision with blinkers that’s how

Be your own greatest influence, for there lays your power

Drag out from your depths, your greatest desires

Any one or thing can influence you

It is your choice, yes your choice, of the thoughts you let through

You must lovingly act the part in your life’s play

Every hour every minute consciously, all day

You are the master of your mind

It is YOU, who is the answer to peace on earth for mankind

The End of an era, a new beginning in time

A conscious awareness that is so sublime

Our thoughts are vibrations

Attracting thought seeds that we sow

Do you get the gist now, let the negative go!

We are stuff made of stars, cosmic vibrations

Your thoughts are energy that vibrate your creations

Tap into the universal mind,

Love, peace, and joy you will find

Inspiration, let it shine through you

For as you shine, the world will too!

Influence yourself, a great decision

A united world

A Beautiful Vision

 Love Simone