The Law Regarding Car Insurance in Spain

When living in a foreign country we are aware that many things are different. For the most part that is why we are here; because we like the differences. However when it comes to the law we need to make sure we are informed correctly so we are not caught out. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary or receive fines that could have been avoided.


With car insurance there are certain important differences between the UK  and Spain that not everyone is aware of.

1)     Car insurance is automatically renewed in Spain unless you give 2 months notice. If you don’t give notice and decide just not to pay the renewal the insurance company is entitled to sue you for the amount of the premium.

2)     In Spain it is always the car that is insured, not the person. So anyone can drive your car with your permission as long as they are 28 years old and have a full valid driving license for at least 2 years. They don’t need to be a named driver. If someone younger wants to drive your car then you need to consult with the insurance company.


With any insurance, don’t assume that you have been sold the correct cover; read it for yourself. If you don’t understand something, then ask for more information.