Unique Ways to Humanistic Magic!

“Humanity is my Family and the world…..my playground!”

As a little girl,

growing up in Havana, Cuba, there was always a lot of laughter in my house. Neighbors will come to share with all of us, their freshly brewed “Buchito de Café”. Perfect strangers will show-up with their guitars, claves, and maracas. The next thing we knew , for no reason at all, we had a party going on. This was the norm!

Though I was very small, that’s when I learned to connect with people at an emotional level. I started to view “humanity” as being my family, and the world…..as my playground. This kind of point of view as a child, took me to travel half the world as an adult.

However, it took many years later, to be able to embrace the concept, feel it in my bones, think it intellectually, act it emotionally and put it into action with my whole being. This process showed me that what as a child,  I kept near and dear to my heart, became a reality regardless of trust issues. There’s power in the purity of intentions.

Today, I continue to look at the whole human race as my family. The sense of inclusivity is enormous and doing small acts of kindness, become a joy by default.


Traveling the world

I found that the more diversified the culture, the more I played and enjoyed my life altering experiences, which I can now share with my loved ones, my clients, my community, my friends, and the rest of my family: Humanity. – So you see, that’s how the world became my playground.

Here are a few, unique steps to humanistic magic:


* Allow yourself to dream the Big Dream. The one you always wanted to see happen and somehow, this dream is so “yours”, it’s still waiting for you. Do something about it, and go for it! ….and… never, ever, ever…stop dreaming.


* Open your heart and mind to the possibilities of reciprocity with the rest of the human race.

* Give in direct proportion as you would give to yourself and give for the sake of giving, not just getting.

* Be in the business of creating “special playgrounds” for those around you.

* Love humanity and life, with YOU in it.

* Memories come and go, but Legacy is permanent.

* What is yours? How do you want to be remembered?

* Create each day with the intention to be on the path of continued growth and deep, impacting, personal fulfillment.

* What is the most amazing and fun thing about you that you would love to share with those in your special playgrounds?


Do you see now

how easy you can have “Humanity as your family…and the world…..as your playground? And how it can change your life and the lives of those around you?



* Wait no more to embrace the world and create your happiness.  The time is now.

* Take action to live your Big Dream.

* Create and Play in your special playgrounds, always, with YOU in it!

Much Love and Success,

Ali R. Rodriguez

International Business Coach